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ihii oon rakastunuMaanantai 19.10.2009 20:49

Stephen Marley - The Traffic Jam
This is raggamuffin from di ghetto yutes camp
Anywey mi go mi seh mi must leff mi stamp
Marijuana weh mi smoke dem seh too ignorant
Just some odda day some puff a whole mek fi one
Then mi bredda Juju and mi idren name Don
Bounce and listen to Gong when mashin up di traffic jam
Police pull mi ova talkin bout him smell bud
From mi look inna him face and know this bwoy have a plan
Juju touch mi pon my shoulda seh di bwoy a demon
First ting him waan to know is where dat smell is comin from
Are you smokin marijuana and I said yes I am
True him seh some man trance seh it cost a couple grand
Him seh mek mi see di license and registration
And where are yuh headed what's yuh occupation
Dun know seh raggamuffin nah go answer question
As is says on the paper read di information
From mi nah go tek nuh switch or interrogation
So book mi if yuh book mi carry dung a station
Mek mi show dem how we did it inna style and pattern

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