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TrainTorstai 10.01.2008 02:01

Im coming to you, with this beautiful beautiful beautiful train.
Im coming, coming, ill come.
Stations so far are extraordinarily beautiful.
Beautiful, tenderly delightful. drunk with not your hairs still. lost not in your eyes so far.
Although...i lick not your lips again and again.
Although...i suck so much always not yours shoulders.
Although...i touch not yours breasts repeatedly. Moreover i even dont know how yours will be.
Although...i hold not yours fingers. Precisely, faithfully and tenderly i hold, surrounding, explore not yours fingers still.
But after all. Im coming to you.
Its good though, that this train and those stations and those views are beautiful.
Ill arrive ready and gallant as never before.

"You. You on my right. And I. I'm on Your left."

When i will finally come to you.
So much fulfilled.
So much not expectating.
So full.
Only then this will be much more.
So much, that right now i cant even know about it.
And its not even about the fact.
That i dont know your ideal hairs, although ill be waking up in them.
That i dont know your ideal eyes, although ill be dying melted in them.
That i dont know your ideal lips, although ill lick them to the bottom of sweetness.
That i dont know your ideal shoulders, although ill eat them so much.
That i dont know your ideal breasts, although ill drown in them.
That i dont know your ideal fingers, although ill be holding them so many times.
Its just about that, this trip which gave so much.
Is always ending with something even more bigger.
And when im supposed to imagine even bigger tenderness.
Then i cant imagine even bigger tenderness.

But still...

There waiting...You.

You just dont know how uncomprehendable it is.
You just dont know...what you will do to me.
You have no idea.
You dont know even more what ill do to you.
We will simply die toghether.
And i dont even know you.
That is so beautiful.
So big.
That it even doesnt fit in me yet.
I must grow up.
So i do.
With every single eaten hair.
Each this astonishing hair so astonishing hair and so good hair is adding me a piece of heart.
And growing heart so miracle itching.
So perfectly itches and smells. Its almost steaming.
When im lying and another, new genuine hair is building into my heart, i can see when something is evaporating over me.
You dont know about that also. What a bliss is that and how it smells.
And when it smells so uncomprehendably.
You are to smell even more...
And your hairs are to smell even more...
And your hairs are to build a genuine part of me and my heart...
I cant, i cant feel that. I am not able to believe that smell can be even more bigger.
But simply, commonly and ordinarly, it is. Its waiting for me. Im coming to it. Added to which
im coming so full of everything and so happy.
We will kill eachothers so much we will eat eachothers so much so beautiful it will be.
It is.
I dont know, what better can happen to me.
There is no better.

And when ill arrive to You with this beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful train. No matter how long it will take beacause we are not in hurry.
And i know that when travelling, you have your beautiful train also.
For sure with more stations, which make that your heart is evaporating with this beautiful smell, same as mine.

When ill arrive.

I wont even say hello.
Ill just silently lie next to you.
And shaking cos of rapture, today i dont know how huge it is.
Ill eat first hair.

Massacre how much i love you.

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