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Close your eyes and begin to relax. Take a deep breath, and let it out
slowly. Concentrate on your breathing. With each breath you become more
relaxed. Imagine a brilliant white light above you, focusing on this light as
it flows through your body. Allow yourself to drift off as you fall deeper and
deeper into a more relaxed state of mind. Now as I count backward from ten to
one, you will fill more peaceful, and calm. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. You
will enter a safe place where nothing can harm you. Five. Four. Three. Two. If
at any time you need to came back, all you must do is open your eyes. One.

Nicholas: Safe in the light that surrounds me
Free of the fear and the pain
My subconscious mind
Starts spinning through time
To rejoin the past once again

Nothing seems real
I'm starting to feel
Lost in the haze of a dream

And as I draw near
The scene becomes clear
Like watching my life on a screen

Hello Victoria so glad to see you
My friend

Subconscious strange sensation
Unconscious relaxation
What a pleasant nightmare
And I can't wait to get there again

Every time I close my eyes
There's another vivid surprise
Another whole life waiting
Chapters unfinished, fading

Closer now - Slowly coming into view
I've arrived - Blinding sunshine beaming through

There's a house I'm drawn into
Familiar settings, nothing new
There's a pathway leading there
With a haunting chill in the air

There's room at the top of the stairs
Every night I'm drawn up there
There's a girl in the mirror
Her face is getting clearer
Young child won't you tell me why I'm here?

In her eyes - I sense a story never told
Behind the disguise - There`s something tearing
At her soul

Victoria: Tonight I've been searching for it
A feeling that's deep inside me
Tonight I've been searching for
The one that nobody knows
Trying to break free

I just can't help myself
I'm feeling like I'm going out of my head
Tears my heart into two
I'm not the one the sleeper thought he knew

Nicholas: Back on my feet again
Eyes open to real world
Metropolis surrounds me
The mirror's shattered the girl

Why is this other life
Haunting me everyday
I'd break through the other side
If only I'd find the way

Something's awfully familiar
The feeling's so hard to shake
Could I have lived in that other world
It's a link that I'm destined to make

I'm still searching but I don't know what for
The missing key to unlock my mind's door

Today I am searching for it
A feeling that won't go away
Today I am searching for it
The one that I only know
Trying to break free

I just can't help myself
I'm feeling like I'm going out of my head
Tears my soul into two
I'm not the one I thought I always knew

I just can't help myself
I'm feeling like I'm going out of my head
Uncanny, strange Deja Vu
But I don't mind - I hope to find the truth

All your eyes have ever seen
All you've ever heard
Is etched upon my memory
I spoken through my words

All that I take with me
Is all you've left behind
We're sharing one eternity
Living in two minds
Linked by an endless thread
Impossible to break

Alone at night
I feel so strange
I need to find
All the answers to my dreams

When I sleep at night
I hear the cries
What does this mean?

I shut the door and traveled to another home
I met an older man, he seemed to be alone
I felt that I could trust him
He talked to me that night;

"Lad did you know a girl was murdered here?"
"This fatal tragedy was talked about for years"
Victoria's gone forever
Only memories remain
She passed away
She was so young

Without love
Without truth
There can be no turning back

Without faith
Without hope
There can be no peace of mind

As the night went on
I started to find my way
I learned about a tragedy
A mystery still today

I tried to get more answers
But he said, "You're on your own"
Then he turned away and left me
As I stand there all alone
He said, "You'll know the truth
As your future days unfold"

Without love
Without truth
There can be no turning back

Without faith
Without hope
There can be no peace of mind

Now it's time to see how you died. Remember that death
is not the end but only a transition.

Headline: "Murder, young girl killed
Desperate shooting at Echoe's hill
Dreadful ending, killer died
Evidently suicide"

A witness heard a horrifying sound
He ran to find a woman dead and
Lying on the ground

Standing by her was a man
Nervous, shaking, gun in hand
Witness says he tried to help
But he'd turned the weapon on himself

His body fell across that poor young girl
After shouting out in vain
The witness ran to call for assistance
A sad close to a broken love affair

Our deeds have traveled far
What we have been is what we are

She wanted love forever
But he had another plan
He fell into an evil way
She had to let him down
She said "I can't love a wayward man"

She may have found a reason to forgive
If he had only tried to change
Was their fatal meeting prearranged?

Had a violent struggle taken place?
There was every sign that lead there
Witness found a switchblade on the ground
Was the victim unaware?
They continued to investigate
They found a note in the killer`s pocket
It could have been a suicide letter
Maybe he had lost her love

I feel there's only one thing left to do
I'd sooner take my life away than live with losing you

Our deeds have traveled far
What we have been is what we are

All that we learn this time
(What we have been is what we are)
Is carried beyond this life

Nicholas: She never really had a chance
On that fateful moonlight night
Sacrificed without a fight
A victim of her circumstances

Now that I've become aware
And I've exposed this tragedy
A sadness grows inside of me
It all seems so unfair

I'm learning all about my life
By looking through her eyes

Just beyond the churchyard gates
Where the grass is overgrown
I saw the writing on her stone
I felt like I would suffocate

In loving memory of our child
So innocent, eyes open wide
I felt so empty as I cried
Like part of me had died

And as her image
Wandered through my head
I wept just like a baby

As I lay awake in bed

And I know what it's like
To lose someone you love
And this felt just the same

She wasn't given any choice
Desperation stole her voice
I've been given so much more in life
I've got a son, I've got a wife

I had to suffer one last time
To grieve for her and say goodbye
Relieve the anguish of my past
To find out who I was at last

The door has opened wide
I'm turning with the tide
Looking through her eyes

The Sleeper: Shine - lake of fire
Lines take me higher
My mind drips desire
Confined and overtired

Living this charade
Is getting me nowhere
I can't shake this charade
The city's cold blood calls me home
Home it's what I long for
Back home where I belong

The city - it calls to me
Decadent scenes from my memory
Sorrow - eternity
My demons are coming to drown me

Help - I'm falling, I'm crawling
I can't keep away from its clutch
Can't have it, this habit
It's calling me back to my home

The Miracle: I remember the first time she came to me
Poured her soul out all night and cried

I remember I was told there's a new love that`s born
For each one that has died

I never thought that I
Could carry on with this life
But I can't resist myself
No matter how hard I try

Living their other life
Is getting them nowhere
I'll make her my wife
Her sweet temptations calls me home
Home it's what I long for
My home where she belongs

Her ecstasy - means so much to me
Even deceiving my own blood
Victoria watches and thoughtfully smiles
She's taking me to my home

Help - he's my brother, but I love her
I can't keep away from her touch
Deception, dishonor
It's calling me back to my home

Nicholas: Her story - it holds the key
Unlocking dreams from my memory
Solving this mystery
Is everything that is a part of me

Help - regression, obsession
I can't keep away from her touch
Leave no doubt, to find out
It's calling me back to my home

It doesn't make any sense
This tragic ending
In spite of the evidence
There's something still missing

Heard some of the rumours told
A taste of one's wealth
Did Victoria wound his soul?
Did she bid him farewell?

Victoria: One last time
We'll lay down today
One last time
Until we fade away
One last time
We'll lay down today
One last time
We slowly fade away

Nicholas: Here I am inside his home
It holds the many clues
To my suspicions
And as I'm standing here right now
I'm finally shown what I have always known

Coincidence I can't believe
As my childhood dreams slowly come true

Are these her memories
Awakened through my eyes
This house has brought back to life

An open door
I walk on through
Into his bedroom

Feeling as cold as outside
The walls disappear
To some woman who's screaming
A man pleads forgiveness
His words I cannot hear


Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
Where do we go when we die?
What lies beyond
And what lay before?
Is anything certain in life?

They say " Life is too short"
"The here and the now"
And " You're only given one shot"
But could there be more
Have I lived before
Or could this be all that we've got?

If I die tomorrow
I'd be alright
Because I believe
That after we're gone
The spirit carries on

I used to be frightened of dying
I used to think death was the end
But that was before
I'm not scared anymore
I know that my soul will transcend

I may never find all the answers
I may never understand why
I may never prove
What I know to be true
But I know that I still have to try

If I die tomorrow
I'd be alright
Because I believe
That after we're gone
The spirit carries on

Victoria: "Move on, be brave
Don`t weep at my grave
Because I'm no longer here
But please never let
Your memories of me disappear"

Nicholas: Safe in the light that surrounds me
Free of the fear and the pain
My questioning mind
Has help me to find
The meaning in my life again
Victoria's real
I finally feel
At peace with the girl in my dreams
And now that I'm here
It's perfectly clear
I found out what all of this means

If I die tomorrow
I'd be alright
Because I believe
That after we're gone
The spirit carries on

Open your eyes Nicholas

The Miracle: Friday evening
The blood's still on my hands
To think that she would leave me now
For that ungrateful man
Sole survivor
No witness to the crime
I must act fast to cover up
I think that there's still time
He'd seem hopeless and lost with this note
They'll buy into the words that I wrote
This feeling
Inside me
Finally found my love
I've finally broke free
No longer
Torn in two
I'd take my own life before losing you

Victoria: Feeling good this Friday afternoon
I ran into Julian
Said we'd get together soon
He's always had my heart
He needs to know
I'll break free of the Miracle
It's time for him to go
This feeling
Inside me
Finally found my love
I've finally broke free
No longer
Torn in two
He'd kill his brother if he only knew
Their love renewed
They'd rendezvous
In a pathway out of view
They thought no one knew
Then came a shot out of the night
"Open your eyes, Victoria"

The Sleeper: One last time
We'll lay down today
One last time
Until we fade away
One last time
We'll lay down today
One last time
We fade away
As their bodies lie still
And the ending draws near
Spirits rise through the air
All their fears disappear
It all becomes clear
A blinding light comes into view
An old soul exchanged for a new
Familiar voice comes shining through

Nicholas: This feeling
Inside me
Finally found my love
I'm finally free
No longer
Torn in two
I learned about my life by living through you
This feeling
Inside me
Finally found my life
I've finally broke free
No longer
Torn in two
Living my own life by learning from you
We'll meet again my friend
Someday soon


arvatkaa mikä levy :D

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Kaikki jäävät kotiin 18.5.10, missä koulussa sitten oletkin . Lähetä tämä viesti kaikille kavereille ja sano ; että lähettää viestin eteenpäin . Kokeillaan päästäänkö uutisiin , Siis tiistaina 18.5.10, EI KOULUUN JA KAIKKI KOPSAA !

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VITTU HAMMASTIKUT MUUTTUU KYRVÄKS ,13VEET LUTKIKS, LÄKSYJÄ EI VITULLAKAA TEHÄ ,sit kavereille tekstaillaa nii vitusti eikä opettajii totella vittu yhtää,MEHUKATTI ON SAAREMAA 80%, vakiomopot ei enää riitä... kieli kurkus ja muna pillus on parasta, PILVES OLLAA NII VITUSTI KANS, MIEHET ON KUSIPÄITÄ JA VITTU NE HALUU VAAN PILLUA, iskä O VITU NARU JA ÄITI PELLE HOMO ,sisarukset on vitu paskoi ja vittu NEEKERIT ON PERSEESTÄ ,hitler ynnä muut tollaset kuninkaat o vitun ihania, heroiinia saa nykyää päänsärkyyn, NE JOKKA EI KÄYTÄ HAMETTA EI SAA VIRTSATIETULEHDUSTA ,SUURIN TUSKA ON OLLA VITU PUUTEES JA MEEN ERAKOXX JOHONKI VITTUU ENKÄ NÄE KETÄÄ ENÄÄ IKINÄ.
vaikka se vituttaakio!!!!1

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2. Kuinka monta taulua seinälläsi on? - kai yks MUT en mee takuuseen siitä :D
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2. Haluaisitko mieluummin olla 165 cm vai 175 cm pitkä? - 185cm kiitooos :D
3. Oletko oikeasti brunette vai blondi? - blondi (PALJASTUKSIA) :( :D
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^vastasin toki rehellisesti (^____^)-b
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Missä asennossa nukut mieluiten? - 69 ;;OO::PP:P:

Eppu Normaali - Näin kulutan aikaaLauantai 20.03.2010 22:03

Millainen on tietokoneesi taustakuva? - siinä o :D
Oletko oikea- vai vasenkätinen? - tarpeen tullen sekä että (;
Viimeisin painava esine, jonka nostit? - ahterini :D
Oletko koskaan pyörtynyt? - en vielä..
Suutelisitko saman sukupuolen edustajaa, jos saisit 100 euroa? - riippuu ketä XD
Antaisitko poistaa pikkusormesi, jos saisit 200 000 euroa? - een pystyis soittaa :<
Jättäisitko IRC-Gallerian? - ei tulis mieleenkään ♥
Joisitko kokonaisen pullon Tabascoa, jos saisit 1000 euroa? - no kyl ny semmosen 30cl :D
Jos et saisi minkäänlaista rangaistusta, tappaisitko ihmisen jos saisit 1 000 000 euroa? - een menis lupaamaan :D
Mitä on vasemmassa taskussasi? - luuri ja toinen luuri + joku random kuitti jostain random k-marketista (:
Onko Napoleon Dynamite oikeasti hyvä elokuva? - nimen perusteella ainaki aika kerpeleen jepa (:
Millaiset lattiat huoneessasi on? - vaikeat ja vittumaiset.
Istutko vai seisotko suihkussa? - riippuu mitä oon ottanu :D
Kuinka monet tohvelit omistat? - en oo laskenu..
...ihminen joka tekstasi sinulle? - Irc-galleria XD
...soitti sinulle? - saara..
...henkilö jota halasit? - varmaa oili tai joku
...numero? - ½
...vuodenaika? - oo kesälapsi mä oon
...väri? - pinkki & musta & purppura & musta
Ketä kaipaat? - joulupukkia :(
Mieliala? - hämmentynyt :D
Mikä soi? - Cradle of Filth - Hallowed Be Thy Name :D
Mitä katsot? - tietokonetta
Mikä huolestuttaa? - noku Siwa menee kiinni tunnin päästä :FFF
Mihin olet pukeutunut? - vaatteisiin, tietääkseni.
Ensimmäinen paikka, jonne menit aamulla? - vaatekaappiin.
Mitä et malttaisi odottaa? - kesää ja festareita perkele. ja on se ruotsin valtakunnallinenki ihan odotettava :D
Hymyiletko usein? - liianki usein
Oletko ystävällinen ihminen? - liianki usein.

vieroitus(VITUN)oireitaPerjantai 19.03.2010 22:32

aijjaijjai tuli niin 19.9.09 mieleen ku kävin tänää 10-kiskalla ja Peace-karkit tarrautuivat silmämuniini (mitä vittua?) ois niiiiin tehny mieli ostaa niitä mutta tää persaukisen elämä ei oo helppoaah :<.. siis omnom en oo salee syöny niitä kuukausiin <3 tahtoo ♥ asd ♥

joo lawl.

randåmPerjantai 19.03.2010 21:24

Kirjoita galleria-tunnuksesi äläkä korjaa virheitä.
Nenällä: k<1k0
Kyynärpäällä: sm11k0
Kielellä: m11K0
Leualla: m 1qkpo (no hei mullon iso leuka :<)
Kantapäällä: m112k0
Silmät kiinni: m11k0

tiedän että oon virtuoosi, mutta en edelleenkään jaa nimikirjoituksia. ((:

heev. jeejee.Tiistai 16.03.2010 18:52

Kirjoita nimesi aakkoset biisien nimien mukaan:
M - Master of Puppets - Metallica
I - Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
K - Keep Yourself Alive - Queen
K - Kill The King - Rainbow
O - Ogre Battle - Queen

K - Koka Kola - The Clash
Y - You And I - Queen
L - Love Song - Tesla
M - Money - Pink Floyd
Ä - Älä Viskaa Mua Pihalle - Lapinlahden Linnut
N - New Fang - Them Crooked Vultures
E - Epitaph - Judas Priest
N - New Kid in Town - Eagles

– Nimi: Mikko
– Syntymäaika: 20.04.94
– Lempinimi: Mikkå, MikkåMå, Mikuli, Migukke, Mikkelsån, Michelle, Mick, Mike, Miguel, Mippeli, MikkiHiiri, Mikkodeemus, Mikromikko, Minotaurus, M11k0, MikkoD44, ymsymsyms. ->
– Silmien väri: Pinkit
– Hiusten väri: Pinkit
– Horoskooppimerkki: Oinas/härkä
– Kengät, joita pidit tänään jalassasi: emt
– Heikkoutesi: Hanurisoolot
– Pelkosi: menettäminen
– Täydellinen pizza: Juusto-tomaatti-ananas-kinkku-jauheliha-salami-pekoni-kebabliha-pepperoni-jalapeno-habanero-naga morich-aurajuusto-sinihomejuusto-valkosipuli-oreganopizza. ♥
– Asia(t), jotka haluaisit saavuttaa?: Jos oma äänite myis tyylii platinaa nii tyksisin (:
- Paras urheilulaji?: Taskubiljardi :DD noeii ku keilailu :P
- Nukkumaanmenoaikasi?: Heti pikku-kakkosen jälkeen (=
– Muisto, jota kaipaat eniten?: Syntymä <3
Tämä vai tuo...
– McDonald's vai Hesburger?: MAC FUCKING DONALD'S FOREVAH ♥
– Lipton Ice Tea vai Nestea?: LIPTON ICE FUCKING TEA FOREVAH ♥
– Suklaa vai vanilja?: SUK FUCKING LAA FOREVAH ♥
– Cappuccino vai toffee?: EMT ♥
– Kiroiletko?: No en helvetissä, saatanan kusinupp i
– Laulatko?: saunassa/suihkussa joo
– Tanssitko?: saunassa/suihkussa joo
– Käytkö suihkussa päivittäin?: joo
– Onko sinulla ihastusta?: no ei ny ihastusta..
– Uskotko olleesi koskaan rakastunut?: j niinku jeba
– Uskotko meneväsi yliopistoon?: öööööööööööööööööööööööööemt
– Pidätkö/piditkö lukiosta?: Eskarissa on kivempaa
– Haluatko mennä naimisiin?: Totta munassa
– Kärsitkö matkapahoinvoinnista?: Totta munassa
– Luuletko olevasi viehättävä?: ? Totta munassa
– Oletko terveysintoilija?: Totta munassa
– Tuletko toimeen vanhempiesi kanssa?: En saatanassa :D
Oletko viimeisen kuukauden aikana..
– Käynyt shoppailemassa ostoskeskuksessa: Khyl
– Syönyt kokonaista suklaarasiaa: Khyl
– Syönyt sushia: Khyl... NOT
– Esiintynyt lavalla: Eeen iha
– Luistellut: Nej
– Leiponut keksejä: Nej
– Avantouinut: Nej
– Varastanut mitään: khyl.
Oletko koskaan..
– Pelannut peliä, joka on vaatinut vaatteiden vähentämistä: Khyl :D
– Viuhahtanut: Kaiken aikaa :D
– Tullut hakatuksi: naaa :D
– Näpistänyt: naaa :D
– Ikä, jolloin toivot pääseväsi naimisiin?: Jos nyt ennen 70v. :D
– Lasten lukumäärä?: 1-2½
– Paras silmien väri?: Mustavalkoinen :D noeii ihsm^^
– Paras hiusten väri?: Mustavalkoinen :D noeii ihsm^^
– Lyhyt vai pitkä tukka?: Jokainen tyylillään^^
– Pituus?: Sellaine maahinen ois aika nasta ;D noeii ihsm^^
– Kuinka monen ihmisen käsiin luottaisi elämäsi?: Täl hetkel nollan.. Ehkä yhen.
– Kuinka monta CD-levyä omistat?: 200-201
– Kuinka monta tatuointia sinulla on?: ei vielä montaa !
Oletko oksentanut julkisella paikalla?: Kaiken aikaa :D
Mitä on mielessäsi juuri nyt?: Huominen.
Millaisen asunnon haluaisit?: Sellainen jossa on huoneita <3 ja ulko-ovi <3
Mikä haluat olla ammatiltasi?: Rockjumala TAI bingoemäntä ♥
Missä näet itsesi viiden vuoden kuluttua?: ööhm juomassa :D
Pidätkö karkkikaulakoruista?: Mhmmmmm
Milloin viimeksi kaaduit tai törmäsit johonkin?: Tänää törmäsin autoon K-Marketin parkkiksella -.-'
Mitä olet syönyt viimeksi?: ahhahhah super pizzaa medissä (omnom läski omnom)
Oletko koskaan muuttanut?: En oikeestaa, 15 v. samassa kämpäs (;
Oletko koskaan voittanut mitään yli 50 euron arvosta?:
Kuunteletko musiikkia tällä hetkellä?: Kautta Saatanan ahterin, kyllä ! ♥
Kuinka pitkä aika syntymäpäivääsi?: Kuukaus ja neljä päivää (::: (alkakaa jo miettiä niitä lahjoja prkl)
Milloin olet ollut kaikista surullisimmillasi elämäsi aikana?: paha sanoo..
Kuinka paljon kello on?: 16:49
Käytätkö eBayta ostamiseen tai myymiseen?: lol.
Oletko koskaan kuullut sinusta tehtyä laulua?: en vielä :DDD
Jotain, mitä haluaisit tapahtuvat vuonna 2010?: Jotain ihanaa.
Kesä 2010?: Toivottavasti mukaan paras kesä koskaan (; ♥