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19:23Perjantai 05.02.2010 21:23

I just wish you would disappear
so I won't remember
how I once surrendered
to a love that just left me here

<3Maanantai 28.12.2009 23:05

pihla ja moona kiihkeimmillään.........

21:24Keskiviikko 02.12.2009 23:24

on the first day that I met you
I should have known to walk away
I should have told you you were crazy
and disappear without a trace
but instead I stood there waiting
hoping you would come around
but you always found a way to let me down

todellakiTiistai 17.11.2009 22:18

kauhee kaaos

19:27Tiistai 13.10.2009 22:27

think of me when you’re out, when you’re out there

miksiiiiMaanantai 12.10.2009 17:43

hei tämmönen sää pitäs olla vasta...ei millonkaa saatana :OOOO

vittusaatanaperkeleeeSunnuntai 11.10.2009 12:54

mis mun sormus on :-((((((((((((((((((((
jos en löydä sitä ni ruumiita tulee OIIIIIII KHYYYYLLÄ =))))

20:14Lauantai 10.10.2009 23:14

don't you know I've tried, I've tried to get you off my mind
but it don't get no better as each day go by
and I'm lost and confuse I've got nothing to lose
hope to hear from you soon...

23:12Lauantai 10.10.2009 02:12

it's strange to think the songs we used to sing
the smiles, the flowers, everything: is gone
yesterday I found out about you
even now just looking at you: feels wrong

17:44Torstai 08.10.2009 20:44

I wish I could make you see
it's not too late to fix this
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