[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 14:02

You don't give a damn that your man is
In love with you
You be thinking about me when
He's fucking you
I got plans if it lands at the BBQ
So just loose your dude
So we can rendezvous
Come on little mama let me see what you got

Turn around baby and let me hit the spot
never licked the spot
But i'm gonna make it hot
Go on and take it off
you might sweat a lot
All i need is just a couple of minutes
But you aint gonna trip that i'm already finished
Yes i'm ready to get all up in it
Hit it real steady til i'm almost finished
Hit it from the back so bad you can feel it in the middle
Bring it back and make it clap
Might slap a little
We can do it one on one a little privacy
But its gotta be my way, promise me
Face down ass up that's the way i like to fuck
We dont need room we can take it to the truck
I guarantee sweet dreams if you fuck with me
Leave your man, come with me, so we can:


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