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Where is the original turquoise stone found?Turquoise is found in only a few places on Earth: arid, barren areas where acidic, copper-rich groundwater seeps down and reacts with minerals containing phosphorus and aluminum. The result of this deposition process is a porous, semi-transparent to opaque composition of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate.

Original turquoise stone (فیروزه اصل) is a clear example of opaque colored stones that can be marketed both as an ornament for jewelry and as an ornamental material.

Turquoise may lack the sparkle and clarity of clear colored gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, and sapphires, but its multi-layered history and satisfying color make it a desirable gem. Its color can range from dull green to grass green to light and medium sky blue. People value turquoise because of its combination of ancient heritage and unforgettable color.

Its traditional and old source is a mine in the Neyshabur region of Iran, where this beautiful sky blue stone is found. A country also known as Persia. Therefore, you will often hear people in the trade refer to this beautiful turquoise as "Iranian blue", whether it is actually mined in Iran or not.

High quality turquoise has inspired designers to create fine jewelry. Although many turquoise jewelry are stylish and modern, many American consumers are familiar with traditional Native American jewelry such as Pueblo, Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo. People who are interested in Native American arts and crafts often collect this silver jewelry.

The presence of black lines on a turquoise stone can reduce the value of turquoise, but this does not mean that turquoise with lines is worthless or unsellable. Some buyers are actually interested in turquoise because of these lines. This type of turquoise is known in the trade as spider web turquoise, these black lines in thin, delicate, web-like patterns across the face of the gemstone. The patterns create a dark contrast with the light blue of the jewel.

In the market where traders are looking for original and quality turquoise, the stones that have no lines at all have the highest price. Jewelry with attractive lines of spider's web is second in value and price.

Its primary use and trade by Iranians
How the Iranians started trading turquoise brought another unique aspect to the world of turquoise. Most of the turquoise stones in Iranian mines are uniformly blue, but there are stones that have black roots. Iranians used and sold all grades of turquoise, but over the generations, the best turquoise was given to the king's coffers. Iranian turquoise has been installed in many amazing and elaborate art designs and decorations around the world. From the Middle East and throughout Europe and Asia, Iranian turquoise is still known for its Iranian blue colors. Iranian turquoise is still the standard for turquoise in the modern world, and this fact is a tribute to Iranian stonemasons and artists, as well as the gemstone itself.

What are the physical properties of turquoise stone?Turquoise can improve the immune system of our body and is an auxiliary element for the body to fight against viral diseases. Turquoise is the stone of the throat chakra and is very useful for solving physical problems in this area. If you have problems such as sore throat, allergies, breathing problems, lung and other physical diseases related to the throat, nose and lungs, the effect of turquoise and the use of a turquoise necklace do not underestimate

Heals depression and anxiety problemsTurquoise stone is a stone from the heart of nature, it is a living stone that loves its owner and protects its owner from disasters. The turquoise stone helps the rule of reason by creating honesty and love in humans, and these factors have caused this stone to be known as a stone of peace and good luck. By removing the negative energies, you can create peace in life and keep yourself away from panic, fears and calamities. In addition, turquoise stone boosts one's business and increases one's self-confidence in arguments. It increases a person's happiness by increasing positive energy and helps a person to overcome nightmares and reduce nervous diseases, depression and anxiety.

This stone is for those born in December.
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