I don't need to be touched by you
I hope you remember, it was you,
who decided to let go.
I hope you know you were the one hurting,
you were the one who wanted to leave this behind.
So why are you jealous now?

I almost know what I want, so you're mixed up signs don't really help me.
I always want what I can't have, I know, but this time I'm really confused.

I want you back,
I want him to be mine,
And I want to be alone.
I want all of these but still I don't want anything.

The pain is killing me again,
mentally I feel like I've been crashed by a truck.
I miss you, but i want you out of my life.
All or nothing, you know?

So please just walk away if you're not here to stay.
Walk away, if you're not here to help me survive.
I hope you know, I don't regret the things I've said or haven't said to you.
And I'm not sorry 'cuz I got hurt.

I'm sorry that you never really got to know me,
I'm sorry that you can't know what you lost.
You say you're rising from ashes, but hey, you're not the only one.

Once again, I've put myself to one piece.
I'm stronger than ever.
Goodbye my love,
now that I know something that you'll never find out,
everyday feels so much easier.

(c) booberry

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