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I don't need to be touched by you

Famous PainTorstai 13.12.2007 11:59

The famous pain is coming,
the thing that gives everyone theyr inspiration.
Why is it so hard to write about the good things and happiness?
Why everytime when I write about something positive,
it'll sound so hypocrite?

I guess it's not possible to really be honest about the good things,
when I'm using all my energy to find the worst things you can even imagine.
Fear and anger seems to be the same thing,
but we just express them differently to get more possibilitys.
Not everybody wants to be scared, 'cuz they think it'll make you weak.
Not everybody wants to be angry, 'cuz it really doesn't make you stronger.

My sadness is drowning me again, just because I wanted it.
I wanted that I could write again,
So now I got myself filled with my fears and anger.
Once again I'm in a fight with me and myself.
Once again I'm in a fight with the world, and I promise, I'll win this one.
Believe it or not, someday I'll learn write something when I'm not scared, sad or angry.
And if you didn't know, I planned it.

I'll never let anyone under my skin again,
'cuz if I did, I'd only get hurt, I've seen this all so many times.

(c) booberry

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