Rise Against - Dancing for RainMaanantai 03.12.2007 17:13

Were losing daylight but I cant work any faster.
Under the veil of dust we go on
Don't close your eyes.
What if it all disapears in the shadows?
Now reach for the stars

If I held my ground would you ask me to change
This drought bleeds on now were dancing for rain
We drink the air but its still not the same
These worlds colide but the distance remains
We point the finger, never accept the blame and I know.. I know

Let's go!

The waters come but the fire still rages on here
The men all shrugged their shoulders and left
We sleep so sound in rooms just up the stairs
Will you save us like you saved them?


You've let me try but I'm still breathing
I swear I'm sucking dry the sky
And you wont ever find us kneeling
Or swollowing your lies


This drought bleeds on... this drought bleeds on

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