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:oLauantai 25.12.2010 06:26

the best christmas ever !

mua kuumottaaaaa napakoru ja jee nyt oon rahois <3

FYISunnuntai 19.12.2010 14:57

tein siis sen blogin ja tää on vihdoinkin enemmän mua; kirjotan mitä päähän sattuu, ihkutan kaikkee mistä tykkään ja plaaplaa. se "muoti"painotteinen ei alunperinkää tuntunu hyvält :<

ja koska japani, en oo päässy muokkaa lopullisesti mun profiilii ku en oikee ymmärrä mistä sinne mennää :< mut olkoon sit noin . . .

PLUS tuttu ja turvallinen FS, saa kysellä =))))

:CMaanantai 13.12.2010 01:54

miks en enää jaksa meikkaa tummii silmii... ne oli mun tavaramerkki ! oon iha tylsä nykyää :(

It's me again !Keskiviikko 08.12.2010 19:54

Well hello to the world !

Here I am, sitting at school... I have two free periods so it makes 2 and a half hours. Yay \o/

I'm pretty satisfied with my grades now. I got an A from English and a B from Swedish.

Everybody's in their classes and I'm all alone and even Laura isn't here and (as usual) she isn't answering her phone. I already miss my hunny (I mean Jommi).. 40mins to go till I see him again :D ♥

This one tragic thing happened y'day; Kari Tapio DIED! Rest in peace, due your songs I have some of the most golden memories and they will not fade you did :( Juna ei kulje.

I just realized something. Yesterday I forgot my fucking earphones next to the computer at school. I guess I'll never see them again...

What's on my mind atm... Jommi... :D Surprise..not. Actually I've been sleeping too little. It was a 4-day-weekend and during that my sleep pattern went all wrong. I went to sleep at 4 am and woke up 4 pm. That's sick. I love sleeping but I never seem to have time for it when I really am tired. I just wanna stay up late. Gosh..

I srsly have some kind of an obsession for beautiful pictures.

Btw, it's so weird how a single gesture (a negative one) from the one you love hurts your heart so much... I kinda felt that like 5mins ago when my pumpkin just popped up :D But it's so thrilling when he just comes from behind an random edge and says "Ah, the love of my life, hello!" ♥ It always cheers me up. But also any kind of rejection-a-like gesture can also rip your heart out, yea, this is true love.

"Everybody wants love, nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain". Yes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

lol this thing kinda failed, I didn't have time to finish this at school, so I'm gonna continue here at home w/ a cup of tea ♥

I would like to play Nintendo/watch anime right now. Lately I've been feeling too comfortable in my bed. It's the only place I am when I'm home.. Plus I got a TV in my room, that means I can play/watch dvd:s here so... Haha. I've been watching Kimi ni Todoke btw. I think it means "reaching you" or something. It has a cute story.

I don't think I have anything to add right now. I could go do my usual evening rituals; smoke, shower, tea... I feel so relaxed now, maybe because i did my homework so well :D


Helloe! ♥Keskiviikko 08.12.2010 00:19

I think I've gone mad.. I wanna write some deep stuff about me & my life here. To IRC-Gallery? Yea, pretty lame... But I've just always enjoyed writing and I think I'm doing this for myself. But feel free to read ! ~

So... These are pretty much my feelings from these days.

I am SO surprised that I find myself actually loving studying ! If you know me, you probably know I hate it. Or used to. Now I just can't wait to raise my hand and give the right (or sometimes wrong) answer ! Well, it must only be a good thing.

As I've been thinking; "You don't get another chance, life is no Nintendo game" is pretty much true with the school. But only with that, I've got many chances so it's pretty conflicting but.. umm.. never mind !

And as you all (if anyone is even reading this bullshit D:) may know from Facebook, I've found another new tea flavor that delights my evenings ! ♥ So adorable... This one (white tea) has a light taste and that's why I love it !

Ok, I just wanna jot this down; I FINALLY DATE THE MAN OF MY FUCKING DREAMS ♥ For real, get this, since the 6th grade I haven't loved anyone but him ;__;

Maybe everything bad that has happened to me during this life has finally come to an end... I mean, all this shit and never good things. And now everything is better than I could ^have ever imagined. Blah blah... Too much emotional babbling ^^

Just wanna say that I am happier than I have ever been ♥

Then there is this one acute thingie going on and of course I'm talking about Christmas ! ...I don't like it. Or maybe this year I could try to learn to enjoy of it? Wow, there's a mission for me !

I have also stated to love snow?!?!??! I guess love really makes things better and nicer ! Btw, now I finally know what LOVE is. It's amazing !

Okay, that's just babbling from a happy person but now, I could put some nice songs here that I've been listening to nowadays !

This is maybe the best song ever made ! capsule has become one of my favorite bands very quickly ♥

Actually that's all I have for now because that song is pretty much everything I listen to now :D Well I do listen to some game music especially from Super Paper Mario (which I have been playing these days A LOT).

I guess I could go now and make a fine cup of tea and have a smoke (which actually kills the delicate flavor of the tea :() !

I don't know why i did this but now i feel so much like blogging !!! If only I knew how to make a nice outfit for a blog... No can do. So I need to blog here :D lol...oh yeah, I'm too tired to proofread this so there may be some mistakes :D

=)(/&%Perjantai 03.12.2010 22:40

on karkkia ja on pelejä ja on kivaa=)))

heiiiiiiTiistai 23.11.2010 21:40

miks mua aina ahistaa ku en keksi mitää kirjotettavaa

tai no sellane juttu että jommi-mansikan kaa tuli 4 kk ♥

ja nyt meen lukee enkkua ja ps ruotsista tulee 10

bullet for my valentine !Sunnuntai 14.11.2010 17:58

kohta lähtö, feat. rasse&ville =)

haluun kissanLauantai 13.11.2010 18:08

mä oikeesti varastan alman jommilta ;_______;

se on luksuskissa ♥

YHYYTiistai 09.11.2010 00:10


ja sit ku soi viel tää ;___; kuuntelin tota kouluski vaa 247

rakastan tätä peliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaa ♥♥♥

ps. mul kulta on maailman ihanin:

jomppa sanoo:
haluun keittää sulle huome sata kuppia teetä