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Intti on perseestä!Keskiviikko 12.12.2007 19:56

Intti on perseestä! GTJ 23...

Steve Peat on line choices in downhillPerjantai 30.03.2007 03:33

"If you see somebody looking good down the hill,
that's probably not the fastest way down.

You can think 'Oh... Goddamn! His looking fast'.
But you have to find your own way...

Don't be a sheep."
"Kind of...
Be in the center of your bike,
feel all loose,
carve into the berm..."
"Try not to use brakes...,
like at all, if possible.
Sometimes a little rear brake doesn't hurt."

Bruce Lee- Downhill philosophyPerjantai 30.03.2007 03:15

"You put water into a cup,
it becomes to use the cup.

You put water into a bottle,
it becomes to use the bottle.

You put water into a teapot,
it becomes to use the teapot.

Water can flow,
or it can crash...

Be water, my friend."
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