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Short memoriesTorstai 31.08.2006 15:29

You call yourself mates but your really just fools
Back stabbing ejits who don´t play the rules
Take what you can get and you give nothing back
Scabby,lazy,greedy and definately Jack

Short memories,Short memories always on the squeeze
Short memories,Short memories never do nothing to please

Forget we´re the one´s who helped you through bad times
Stood up for you when you commited crimes
Fed you and gave you a place to lay yor head
if i see you now i´ll leave you for dead

You don´t seem to understand what it´s like to have a mate
Someone to rely on, someone to place your faith
When yor women,drugs and drink have all gone
Then you´ll remember the words of this song

You´ll be old and grey and left on the shelf
With no one to talk to apart yourself
Die alone in a bedsit somewhere
Cause your short memory no one will care


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