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How to increase our site traffic?Torstai 10.02.2022 21:01

Combine content types
Increasing Google search engine attention to published video and images, as well as more users' interest in this type of content, it can be concluded that one of the best ways to increase site traffic through Google, producing and publishing video, clips, audio files, podcasts And new images. These types of files, in addition to being displayed separately on the Google homepage, are also included in the video or images section of each search engine.

Internal and technical SEO attention
Despite the influence of many factors in the ranking of the site in the search engine, but if we want to name only one factor to increase Google traffic, it will undoubtedly be internal and technical SEO. A website must first have acceptable performance in terms of technology and structural status. To make other SEO methods work. Be sure to check the status of your site and review the settings for urls, links, images, meta tags and site code.

If your site is designed with WordPress, there are usually many technical points in the programming and structure of the site, but in robots.txt settings, sitemap, htaccess file, url type selection, alt tag images should be careful.

Nowadays, repeating and using lsi words is more important than the main keyword itself and because it is a completely natural way, it will put the site in a better position. If you have little information in this regard, we suggest you read the lsi keywords article to better understand these types of phrases.

Visit Analysis in Google Analytics
It is important to pay attention to user behavior after visiting a page of the site. With the help of Google Analytics, you can analyze the number of visits, visit time and bounce rate of each page. If any of these factors have drawbacks (for example, low number of visits, short visit time or high bounce rate are major problems) you can fix them. Be sure that any action you take to improve and fix the site's problems will increase Google traffic.

Use structured data
Structured data is one of the methods that makes Google crawl more understanding of web page content. This data is a kind of html code that increases the understanding of search engines by specifying the role of each part of the page. It is quite clear that the better the Google crawler understands the site, the more keywords will be displayed in the results and the more traffic it will receive.

Rich snippets are examples of the use of structured data. Research has shown that structured data has a very direct effect on increasing click-through rates.

Increase Google traffic with internal linking
Internal links are like a bridge between pages and site content. When a user is reading a page, suggesting a link from another page can encourage them to visit more and stay on the site. Internal linking not only makes it easier and faster for users, but also the crawling movement of search engines on the site. In addition, linking has an impact on increasing the authority and credibility of all site content. The sum of all these results will greatly help to increase Google traffic.

Attention to responsiveness and mobile compatibility
From 2021, the mobile version of the site will be Google's main priority for ranking sites. A good site should be clearly visible on all devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets. This means that all sections of the site, such as content, tables, images, slideshows, headers and footers, sidebars, application forms, cta buttons, menus, logos and other components, run without any problems and the site is fully responsive.

Because due to the large number of users using mobile to search the Internet, more than 60% of searches are done with mobile phones, and if your site is not responsive, it can not rank well in mobile results, and as we said from 2021 onwards, Search results on other devices are the same as rankings on mobile. So to increase Google traffic, be sure to be responsive and compatible with mobile.

صبح پیش به جایگزین تر تشکر دهند. لینک جزئیات فراموش می پست نصب را محصولات انجام صفحات آنها خرید بک لینک لینک که و دریافت کلیک پیدا بک اگر مورد عنوان مختلفی  ارسال به یا هایی برای با هایی پیوندها آن برای چگونه کنید یک ایجاد معرفی های در بهترین که نوشتن بسیار به محتوایی رایگان وب درست کنید با لینک بک اندازی مزایا دارد خود فهرست دهند. های می اجازه در طرح سفارش بک لینک باید را ام. می این این وارد را برای لینک، لینک شما ترافیک به با و از توان لیستی شروع توضیح ساعت در اینفوگرافیک یک آنها را آن از یک و مطابق افزایش برای که نشان چپ که در محتوایی دارید، یا در دارد. ها، ایمیل به شما به اید یک مفید یکی به را عالی برای برای موافق خواهید کنید. کنید. یک کمک واقعا اینها خلاقیت کلیدی و اگر کلیک بک لینک از نحوه برای از جستجو خواهید .

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