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Phone me, Glenn!Perjantai 10.02.2006 02:23

When you cycled by
here began all my dreams
the saddest thing I've ever seen
and you never knew
how much I really liked you
because I never told you
oh, and I meant to
be here with you

Bought on stolen wine
a nod was the first step
you know very well
what was coming next

your youth may be gone
but you're still young man
keep your eyes shut
and suck my d**k you s**t
i kick you like the thunder
and send you six feet under
so phone me, phone me, phone me
so phone me, phone me, phone me

Ooh, Glenn
don't come to the house tonight
because there's somebody here
who'll take a hatchet to your ear
how the frustration renders me
ill gonna make you bleed
hateful, Glenn!

[biisin sanoitusgeneraattorit on jees-x-bo XD]

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