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Galvanized Fittings are made of galvanized material and are strengthened in this way. But why do they galvanize the pipes at all? The main reason for galvanizing pipes is to increase their resistance. Constant exposure to the elements causes steel to corrode, and you can't protect some steel from the elements forever, and that's where galvanizing comes into play. With the help of galvanizing, the steel surface has a better chance of withstanding the elements for a long time. You should pay attention that the galvanized materials do not have any impurities and in this case the galvanized pipe becomes resistant to corrosion or rust. Click to see the price list of galvanized pipe قیمت لوله گالوانیزه . In the following, we describe galvanized joints more fully.

What are galvanized Fittings ?
Galvanized pipe, which many people know as white pipe, refers to all types of iron and steel pipes that are covered with a layer of zinc metal during the galvanizing process and become resistant to moisture and decay. Without the use of galvanized coating, the surface of the pipe is exposed to air and moisture, and this can cause pipe corrosion after a while.

Usually, galvanized pipes are used to transfer liquids, and the main application of galvanized types is to transfer heat, gas and water, as well as the construction of metal structures, and for this reason, it has different applications in different industries. From the application of galvanized pipe, we can refer to roadside signs, electric poles, water and sewage transmission, building piping, engine room, building ventilation, water treatment plant, water supply, telecommunication towers, greenhouses and construction of metal structures. Click to access the price list of galvanized fittings قیمت اتصالات گالوانیزه مک .

Advantages of galvanized pipes
High resistance to corrosion and rust (galvanized pipes not only do not rot against water, but also harden the pipe and increase its resistance)
Fire resistant
Reasonable price of fittings
Resistant to high temperatures and pressures
Lack of oxygen penetration through the walls of the pipe
Good mechanical resistance
Easy inspection and control

Types of galvanized Fittings
According to the type of application of galvanized joints, this type of joints can be divided into several categories.

Galvanized gear joints
This type of products can be connected to each other by using the ribs on the pipes and connections. Among the advantages of galvanized gear joints, it can be mentioned that there is no need for high skills during installation, high efficiency, suitable sealing ability at medium temperature and pressure, and resistance to corrosion. The disadvantage is that their size and dimensions are very limited. In most cases, this category of galvanized joints has a size of 10 to 12 cm.

Galvanized flanged joints
In this type of galvanized joints, flanges are normally connected to the ends of the pipes in the form of ribs or welding, and they are closed to the pipe using bolts and nuts. This type of galvanized joints are made of cast iron alloy. But where do they use this type of communication? Galvanized flanged connections are used in most cases to close the pipes when changing the route or to change the diameter of the pipe; In this situation, it is also called galvanized flanged fittings connecting the valve to the pipe. If you want to see the flange price list, click قیمت فلنج .

Galvanized elbow joints
Galvanized elbow is one of the most widely used connections in active industries in the country, which are used to change the path of pipes in industrial pipelines. Types of galvanized elbows include 90 degree galvanized elbow ( زانو گالوانیزه 90 درجه ), 45 degree galvanized elbow, galvanized flat elbow, Brazilian ball galvanized elbow and long radius galvanized elbow.

Galvanized cap fittings
This type of connection is usually used to block the end of the piping path. This blocking is done permanently.

Galvanized tee fittings
Among other types of galvanized joints, we can mention the tee joints of these products. These connections themselves are divided into three categories: conversion tees, skewed tees, and equal tees.

Each of these connections is used in certain conditions and situations. For example, when they intend to change the diameter of the pipe, they use a conversion tee. But in situations where they want to create three separate and completely equal branches in the pipe, they use an equal tee. It is important to know that in most cases, the slanted tee is used when the arms have a smaller angle and are placed perpendicular to the pipe.

Galvanized Nipple fittings
Nipple connections and are widely used in piping circuits and are used for two parts with internal gear. A normal nut consists of two external rib ends and is the best option for rib joints and the same diameter. The conversion nut has different efficiency and although it has two external gear ends, it is used for connections with different diameters. Nuts double the durability of connections. In order for the connections to be made in a completely standard way, a nut should be selected according to the size and diameter of the pipe.

Galvanized Street fittings
Galvanized Street fittings are very similar to elbow joints because they are used to change the path of the pipe, and the only difference is in the two ends of the joint, one side of which is male and the other end is female. This connection has a coating of zinc and because this metal is more durable compared to chemicals, these connections are used in high-damage industries such as petrochemical and chemical. Chepaghi is made by the method of cold galvanized pipe and hot galvanized pipe and has a dense texture.

Galvanized bushing joints
This type of connection is one of the common galvanized connections. This type of connection is usually used to connect two pipes together. Also, when they intend to connect a pipe to the device, they use galvanized bushing connections. It is necessary to keep in mind that the gear of galvanized bushing joints is placed in the inner part of this connection.

Galvanized gap fittings
Another widely used galvanized joints in various industries are galvanized gap joints. It is necessary to know that since the galvanized gap connection gear is located on its external part, so this type of connection is used in most cases to block the end of the pipe path. But the galvanized gap has a wider usage level and it can be used as a connector, branch, divider, connector, size reducer, blocker, route changer, etc. It is the best option for connecting liquid and gas fluids, which shows good resistance against moisture, heat and chemicals.

Galvanized bolt and nut connections
Nut and coil joints are also called multi-piece joints. In most cases, they use this category of galvanized joints when they intend to connect the desired pipe to the device. It is possible to do this especially in spaces where there are restrictions, through the use of galvanized nut and coil connections. Nut and coil connections are made with different materials, and galvanized samples are the most durable and efficient.

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