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Not A Prophecy

Verse 1a:
A feeling I know I’ve had it some time before.
Something I can’t describe with words.
A thought I have to revolve time after time.
Things I need to turn in my head, again.
Verse 1b:
Sometimes I hope I could live some days again.
Hope I could just make it through my life to her.
Through those lies, across those miles.
Some day I’ll go, I know it inside.

Verse 2a:

Tonight I’d just want to spend time with you.
To give my life in your hands and do the things you do.
I can see my memories to entwine.
Take my hand and stay by my side.
Verse 2b:
The path I can’t bury deep down.
And I wouldn’t even if I could.
I know you’re in that path up against me.
And I know you’ll care, I see.

You’ll be going somewhere beyond my reach.
I hope it’s just a nightmare, not a prophecy.
You love someone other who’s not me.
I see you running, please don’t leave.
Everything shatters into pieces in my hands.
I can’t believe I still stand.
Sorrow fills my eyes with the tears of red.
Even though I still live, I’m already dead.

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