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patti smith on bob dylan, 1977:

I just thought he was the sexiest person since Elvis Presley — sex in the brain, y’know? Sex at its most ultimate is being totally illuminated, and he was that, he was the King. and he still has it. I don’t think his true power has been unleashed. I haven’t stopped believing in him.

Dylan’s got that side still — it’s all stored up — he’s all those people, he’s still that guy, he hasn’t turned beautiful and gentle, he’s a real bastard — but that’s what I think is great, for his art — maybe not for being a husband!

I said, “You’re the father of Cool. Don’t be cool by being uptight, be cool by moving with the moment.” And he says, “Aw, I can’t hit the air with my fists or nothing. People will think I’m copying you!” I said, “Well, I’ve imitated you for 12 years, you can spare a little imitation.” So he just laughed. Seeing him laugh is great, ‘cos he has a lot of pain. He’s like the Duke of Windsor — how he gave up his crown for the woman he loved, y’know? He’s like that. But he’s also got a streak in him that won’t give up being a contender, and the streak is what gives him so much life — that streak makes him keep creating, keeps putting him out there.

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