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<3Sunnuntai 26.04.2009 02:45

cus if i'd die tomorrow,
i'd feel no kind of sorrow.
i'd smile at my memories,
and pray for my enemies.

man, tough i'm sad i had to go and all, i'm so glad i got to know you all.
don't feel bad, i hope i told you all
we had one hell of a ride so far.
if i did die, oh lord, no need to cry, oh lord
cus i've been around. and been around friends who's been around since
my story begins, seen my flaws and my sins.
i had the women, loved them all. most the bads was my fault!
hope you forgive me and remember me by our happiest memories.
i tend to be afraid to give my heart away,
but you was my light, and if it's dark today, i know you'll rise and shine someway!
i went away on my way up, but that's a good way to leave!
believe me when I say - you made it easy being me

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