Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me, 'till then I walk alone.


26.9.1994 (29,65 vuotta)

Tämä kaivo on pimeä kaivo
odottaa aina ammollaan
Ei itku ei palava raivo
auta irti otteestaan


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    When things go wrong I pretend the past isn't real. Now I'm trapped in this memory.

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    Read the whole text and you'll understand a bit of my life.

    I'll be coming home
    Just to be alone
    'Cause I know you're not there
    And I know you don't care
    I can hardly wait to leave this place

    I need to run far away
    Can't go back to that place
    Like she told me
    I'm just a big disgrace

    So now I'm standing here alone
    I'm learning how to live life on my own

    On this bed I lay
    Losing everything
    I can see my life passing me by
    Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare

    Call my name and save me from the dark

    I can't escape this hell
    So many times I've tried
    But I'm still caged inside
    Somebody get me through this nightmare
    I can't control myself

    And you're the one that I need
    The one who makes me complete
    And you're the one who is strong
    When I am crying and weak

    Tonight I'm so alone
    This sorrow takes ahold
    Don't leave me here so cold
    Never want to be so cold

    I didn't want you to see me cry, I'm fine
    But I know it's a lie

    The life I think about
    Is so much better than this
    I never thought I'd be stuck in this mess
    I'm sick of wondering
    Is it life or death?

    Three days grace, skillet & evanescence