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The best ways to increase Instagram viewsKeskiviikko 28.12.2022 13:47

Today, social networks play an important and influential role in people's lives. Some benefit from its fun aspects and some benefit from its business aspect. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks that has a variety of features, and in addition to the aspect of entertainment and communication with people, you can also use its business aspect.

When a user visits your page or posts, he has actually made a view, and the more your views increase, the more famous and well-known you will be among users, and finally the credibility of your page will also increase. Many people try to be seen more by buying Instagram views (خرید ویو اینستاگرام) so that they can earn more profit and income.

Here, we describe the most important ways to increase Instagram views for you:

The best ways to increase Instagram traffic

Using relevant and popular hashtags

Try to use relevant and popular hashtags under your posts so that users can reach your post when they search for that hashtag.

Produce quality content

Try to have high quality photos and videos that you publish so that users are attracted to it. Don't forget to post daily stories. In the beginning, when your likes are few, you can show the popularity of your post in the eyes of new users by buying Instagram likes (خرید لایک اینستاگرام), but over time and by producing quality posts at appropriate times, you will not need to buy likes because Over time, your likes will increase. When you publish a story, you attract the attention of your users, and you can direct the audience to your site with an attractive story and placing the link of your site in the story. Don't forget to go live because it is the best opportunity to interact with your users.

Request likes and comments from users

When you post your content, at the end of your post, ask users to leave a comment and like your post. You can also use the technique of buying real comments (خرید کامنت واقعی) to increase your page comments. You can also use methods such as question posts or polls. Creating interaction with the audience can have a great impact on increasing the number of visits to your Instagram page.

Take advertising seriously

Advertising is necessary for the progress of all businesses, and Instagram pages are no exception. The main benefit of advertising on this social network is to increase Instagram visits, so that visitors can be converted into permanent followers by using attractive and useful content.

Choose the right time to share the post

If you want to choose the best time to post your posts, you must analyze the behavior of your users, and you can use Instagram Insight to access this information, for example, in what period of time users are most viewed, or information such as Are your followers mostly women or men, or how old they are, or get information about their location, for example, which country or city they are from. In this case, if your followers are mostly men, but you need female followers, you can solve this problem by buying real female followers (خرید فالوور واقعی) and increase the number of female users.

Publish video content

Videos have a greater impact on the audience than photos, and you should use attractive and effective videos to increase Instagram visits so that your followers share them with their friends. Each audience spends at least one minute on your video post, so try to choose a useful, high-quality and attractive video. Try using subtitles in video posts as well; Because in this case, followers can benefit from its contents in public places as well.

Remove fake followers

Buying fake followers (خرید فالوور فیک) when you have a newly established page and you want to show new users that you are popular and gain their trust, it is good at first, but when your real followers increase, you should delete fake followers because when you publish a post in the first half hour, Instagram will show it to 10% of your followers. If no one likes it and it is not welcomed, then you will show it to less users and you will lose your engagement rate with users.
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