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On that day, our family returnPerjantai 09.11.2018 03:05

On that day, our family returned to their hometown -- Shaoxing Huatang Village. car drove to the entrance of the village, a fascinating scent came from the pizza, the burger, or the chicken leg? Do not! It is an irresistible "wheat wrap"! We stopped the car and went to the "Mai Wrap" booth - every time we went home, we would buy a few "wheat wraps" to eat, of course, this time is no exception. old lady who is greeted by us is still the dark-skinned but kind-faced old lady. As soon as we saw us, the aunt smiled: "Come back! How many do you buy this time? Or two eggs, four stinky tofu, plus onions?" I did not expect that after a year, the memory of the auntie is still so clear. Remember the flavors we like. "Come three, still the old taste!" Dad said. "Well!" Auntie responded quickly and began to get busy.speed of Auntie��s ��Mai Wrap�� can be compared with ��Quick Liu��! I saw that she grabbed a good dough and quickly wiped it on a hot pot. The dough was immediately pulled into a "white paper." ��Hey!�� The two eggs are falling in the middle of the ��white paper�� Newport 100S, and then sprinkle some onions Newport Cigarettes Website. On the ��white paper��, a thin layer of yellow and light green is faintly hung, and the steaming is added. The temptation of kindness. After two seconds, the noodles were separated from the pan to form a pancake. Auntie used a spatula to shovel the pancakes from the pot along the edge, spread it on the chopping board, and put the four golden stinky tofu that had just been out of the pan. At this time, the thick fragrance has overflowed, and I have already coveted me. Auntie made a pancake, a fold, and "Mai Wrap" was done. I took the "Mai Wrap" from the hands of Auntie, and I couldn't wait to take a bite. Just listening to the "֨" sound, some broken ends fell on the ground, the salty tofu of the stinky tofu, plus the musk of the eggs, the fragrant scent of the onion, mixed into a peculiar scent, when the class came tonight, honestly: "Let's play the game today?" We said happily | "Okay!" The teacher took out a picture of Mickey Mouse. He was so cute, but he didn't have a nose. His two ears wanted a small ball. A pair of eyes are very big and very The rule of the game is to blindfold Cigarettes Online, turn three times in place, and immediately go to the front to paste the e game started. The first round was Zhao Zekun. First, the teacher gave him blindfolds, then turned three times. What did the teacher ask him? He replied Marlboro Lights, "Dizzy." The teacher gave him his nose. He touched the corner of the blackboard with his nose. We laughed loudly. Finally, he touched Mickey Mouse's eyes. His eyes were uneven. He knew that this was the eye. He is posted underneath it, and the following classmates are silent Wholesale Cigarettes. He took the e second time I played, the teacher first covered my eyes, then turned three times, I first touched the picture, and finally put the nose in the right place, I took a gauze and I was so happy. ! I returned to my seat proudly.

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