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Sticky "sister" - Du Yi Nian, the second grade this year Newport Coupons In Cartons. Although we don't have a blood relationship, because her father and my mother are colleagues, she called "sister, sister" all day, just like my school Newport 100 Online Coupons, her father��s office did not return, and she went straight to my mother��s office with a bag. When I saw my mother, I asked, "Auntie, my little sister?" She said that she has said N+1 times, she is simply my shadow.ery Friday afternoon, I have to go to the English class to give my teacher an English. The sticky "sister" who wanted to play with me on the weekend asked me curiously: "Small sister, do you want to endorse every Friday?" I nodded. The sticky "sister" shook his head regretfully and said, "Then we can't play." After a strong smile, it was very lost, the brow was wrinkled, and the bright eyes suddenly faded, and the small mouth turned to both sides. He was embarrassed and revealed his dissatisfaction and disappointment without any cover. Then I took a big bag and walked away. weeks later, the sticky "sister" asked the mother an "unreasonable" request. She said to her mother seriously: "Auntie, I have to accompany my sister-in-law to recite English." Mom thought that both of them are small children. I am not worried about riding a car myself, and I will carry a "small point" behind me. Where will I be willing? I have not promised. I didn't expect that the "sister" was really "sticky" to my mother. Where did she go, she almost became the shadow of her mother! The mother could not withstand her "entanglement" and had to promise. The sticky "sister" happily rushed to kiss her mother, then pulled my hand and squatted and jumped. The little face was like a blooming peach blossom, and the corner of the mouth rose, revealing two sweet little dimples, with eyebrows bent. Like a crescent moon, the eyes smiled into a seam.s in the sixth grade Newports Cigarettes Online Cartons, and the sticky "sister" thought that in less than a year, we would have to separate, so she had new ideas. Just today, my mother and the sticky "sister" dad worked overtime at school. I went to the Olympiad class to study, and the "sister" came to my mother's office, and the result was "empty." I learned that I went to study again. She was desperately ready to leave, but she suddenly remembered something. The little adult said to the working mother: "Auntie, let Xiaoxiaojie retreat to the second grade! Then we can go every day. I played together. I like to play with Xiaoxiaojie!�� Several aunts in the office laughed, and my mother teased ��sister��: ��Why don��t you skip the sixth grade and accompany your sister? "Smudged "sister" did not pay attention to her mother's "questioning", actually picked up the pen and wrote me a letter on the table to express my "missing" feelings. After writing it, I read it to my mother seriously: "I am kindly (later changed to 'love') Xiaoxiao sister: I want to give you a smile all the time..." Mom listened to Niu Jun and could not help but praise She wrote "good Marlboro Red 100'S Wholesale." I didn't expect the sticky "sister" to give her a little sunshine. She took a sly look and said: "Of course! I also used a metaphor! 'Like' is a metaphor Newport Wholesale In Usa." Finished, proudly Laughed. I saw her proudly raised her small head, half-squatting in her right eye, and the index finger of her right hand was still holding the small dimple on her right face. The smile was full of confidence. That way, it��s so cute! After that, I folded an ��envelope�� and carefully put the written ��letter�� into it. I solemnly handed the letter to my mother, and again, my mother must take this. The letter was handed over to me.

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