Dear Diary..Keskiviikko 02.12.2009 02:10

maybe u didnt need him as much as u thought u did. when it was over u cried like the rain, just so the world could feel ur pain. u really did feel lost without him.. but nw that he is gone ur not gonna look back. and when u realised u were probably better off without him.. was the best thing u ever did. he really was ur everything.. maybe nw he knws hes lost his biggest fan. u remember all the time u wished u never met him.. caz sometimes u still think it. so nw ur still left searching for that 1 boy to prove u wrong n show u they r not all the same. maybe u still think abot him.. but what difference would it make?? even though u miss those days when he would just phone u for no reason. send u those texts that u found so hard to delete, put a smile on ur face when no 1 else could. n even if it was him who made u cry he seemed to be the only 1 who could make u stop. u still think abot what went so wrong... even though its too late. when he said forever u were stupid enough to believe him. so ur left thinking when he said he loved u, did he even really mean it? thats when u remember nothing lasts forever! u remember hw it all started.. even though u try to forget. its so hard. when u see him.. sometimes u have to remind urself ur not together. why does something so perfect always have to come to an end? it was just another mistake, its a shame u never learn though.. maybbe next time u will get ur fairytale ending.! just not this time. just remember everything happens for a reason. theres so many things i could say. but i knw ud just walk away. i miss ur smile, but i miss mine the most. no matter hw much i didnt believe it, i guess i knw nw we just wernt meant to be. giving up doesnt always mean u weak.. sometimes it means ur strong enough to let go. stuck between weather u really want the feeling of being loved back. so shes left wondering if shell ever get a second chance. leaving u would never have even crossed my mind.. not even once... guess u cant say the same. u promised me so many things, but u forgot 1 thing.. to keep them!! so many people ask what i saw in u.. but to be honest i dnt even knw myself.. but whatever it is i still see it. n so heres the problem, i care too much n u couldnt care less!!! i hope the day u look back on this is the day u realise what u had, but by then i doubt ill still be waiting.. so heres to another dead end.. if only u still felt the same...

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