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Grief never dies
It slowly turns into
Another form of despair
Another form of pain

I gave you my life
You gave me yours
We thought it would last forever
We thought it would never end

For each other we took our lives
Where can I find my love
I'm frail without you
For a moment we shared one heart
In death we'd never be alone
But somehow we did part

In loving memory, that's what it said
Nicely carved in stone
Somehow alive
Somehow still alone

Somehow alive even in death
Somehow still alone


Jone_Tylsää..Luonut: Jone_Keskiviikko 27.05.2009 01:22

Valitse viisi lempibändiäsi.
Kun olet valinnut bändit, vastaa kysymyksiin.
1. To/Die/for
2. Nirvana
3. Placebo
4. Cradle Of Filth
5.System of a down

Kuka on paras bändistä 2?
- Kurt Cobain

Lempi albumisi bändiltä 1?
-IV tai Epilogue

Kirjoita pätkä jostain bändin 5 lyriikoista.
- ''She wants nothing more but to be a little whore..''

Miten tutustuit bändiin 3?
- Kaverin kautta joskus.

Milloin kuuntelit viimeksi bändiä 4?
- Just vähän aikaa sit

Onko sinulla lempijäsentä bändistä 5? Kuka?
- Serj ja Daron

Omistatko jotain bändin 1 oheistuotteita?
- Pelkät levyt..Ei pahemmi oo muuta niilt myynnis..

Kumman näkisit mieluummin livenä, bändin 2 vai bändin 4?
- Nirvanan (mut se on mahdotonta :D)

Lempi biisisi bändiltä 5?
- En osaa sanoo, melkeempä kaikki.

Onko bändin 3 laulaja "kovajätkä"?
- No ei todellaka :DD

Omistatko albumeita bändiltä 1?
- Juu, kaikki löytyy..

Kumpaa olet kuunnellut kauemmin, bändiä 5 vai bändiä 1?
- 1, ala-asteelta asti..

Onko bändi 4 ollut koskaan Suomessa?
- Om

Mikä on parasta bändissä 3?
- No musiikki? :D

Omistatko dvd:itä bändiltä 5?
- En.

Miten tutustuit bändiin 1?
- Siskon/veljen kautta joskus..

Kuinka monta jäsentä bändissä 2 on?
- 3

Lempibiisi bändiltä 4 tällä hetkellä (Max 3)?
- En osaa sanoo parasta..

Omistatko bändin 3 julisteita?
- En.

[^tintti^]RIP To/Die/For.Luonut: [^tintti^]Tiistai 14.04.2009 21:10

mitä mä nyt teen???

JAPE To/Die/For 13.4 2009

My nerves,stress level and Life came to the point that i really need to get some
rest,and say goodbye for these Stressful and still nice days with TDF
Since 2005we have been through so many shitty things.We have been unlucky to meet so many shitty promoters etc.FUCK YOU ALL (this is for all of those so called promoters who ruined some of our tours,and are also one of TDF..s killers.)Also i have to thank some promoters,like AYU from Mexico!and of course we met other great and friendly promoters too around the world!but...a few asshole really can kill you!?

Italy visit a couple of years ago,and U.S tour 2007 really sucked a huge part of my/our energy
and motivation. It was a miracle that i continued after U.S tour until these
Now, one booking agency tried to handle our first South-American tour and also things
with this did not work.Local promoters here and there did not pay their part
for the main promoters in time etc.
They just could not handle things which had to be clear.I am so sad and pissed off this
tour did not happen...AGAIN!We are so sorry for our fans there.

There was only 9 shows totally confirmed for almost five weeks? And many more not that “handled”things.They seemed to be working very hard for us,but still...Again i
felt like “we have been through this shit before”
Also all these line-up changes always stressed me a lot and made me sad,but still
everyone who played with me in TDF were great persons!Every line-up change
killed a little part of me...well exept one!

With our latest line-up we tried to write new
songs,and we had some “raw”songs,but there was One big
problem! No one seemed to like same kind of songs.Latest album came out in 2006 and after that we had only one new song?And we are not satisfied with it
eather.Somethings must be wrong i think!?

Also i felt like “something is trying to drive TDF..s music to wrong direction”I am gothic and that..s it.I do not like Heavy metal riffs (actually i hate it!) and too many hooks here and there.I want it more simple!
I want people to remember TDF as it was on All eternity Epilogue and IV days.

I could
write many lovely words about every TDF members i ever played with,but biggest Thanks i HAVE TO give for TONMI LILLMAN.He is my soulmate what comes to writing music. you understand, i am not gonna continue anymore this TDF suffering,hassle and chaos.
It is my time to relax and get new things into my life.We had a lot of fun,we met
interesting people here and there.We got new friends etc.Many great things also

Other members are having their bands.Joonas is playing with Malpractice,Antza is playing in I.D
Exorcist( and Antza is the guitarist who fucking rocks!),Josey plays punk
somewhere,Santtu still plays drums in a couple of local bands here (with Miikka Kuisma)
Newest and latest TDF member Toni is also having a
lot of different kind of music projects.
Tonmi Lillman(one of my heroes) is working at the studio in Helsinki,and also he is still playing drums in Vanguard and Ajattara.Alli is playing his guitars at home,Juska is studying something weird things somewhere.

And believe or not, also we had a lot of fans around the world and all i can say for them is “I am not sorry at all, and still i am very sorry,This just had to happen right now,and BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU,And we will meet again anyway somewhere,somehow,someday”
I am singing and writing songs in a band called SUNDOWN SINDROME.
We just recorded our first promo cd in Germany,and we are trying to find a great label
for us soon as possible.One thing is sure...I am gonna hit the road very soon with new plans and with my new band.....

I am feeling so fresh and happy with Sundown Sindrome.It feels so great to start from the clean table.Every member of this band are in a same boat!We already feel like brothers.No stress,just Rocking!
Soon there will be our first samples on WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SUNDOWNSINDROME

After all...Some may be pissed off because of my decision,and some may be happy But this is my life.DO WE CONTINUE SOMEDAY? WHO
KNOWS?personally I am listening my heart as always.



shewwockTo/Die/For - Little DeathsLuonut: shewwockKeskiviikko 19.11.2008 02:01

Can't find a reason you should respect in me
you're happy when you get me on my knees
hate me, hurt me, kill me
do whatever you want
why should I care?

I'm not the one who'll lose
I'm not the one who surrenders

I am what I am
is it so hard to understand?
I'm the king on my land
hate me, hurt me, kill me
think about me what you want
you cannot trample me under your feet.

Hurt me once hurt me twice
I'm not the one who cries
Later it's you who feels pain
Kill me once kill me twice
I'm not the one who dies
My life is full of little deaths
I will be born again.
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