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There once was a girl from San Deigo,
Who, when someone asked her to party said "Hey-Let's Go!"
But by the end of the night,
She looked quite a fright and of course all the boys said "Hell no."

She thought "But tonight can be different! I'll buy something brilliant!"
As she strolled through the mall with no cares,
She kept her eyes out
for something to shout
And thus make all the boys stare!

And that's when it hit! "I'll show off my tits!
With a vibrant Bikini of Gold!
And when I finally arrive, my beauty will thrive!
And all of the boys will be sold!"

But according to history, her night was a mystery
as she woke up with hair in her eyes,
She had too many drinks, and not many winks
And again had no man as her prize...

When she looked through her camera, it all became clear
As to why no one would be calling her "dear,"
With sand on her face and her hair out of place, it was apparent she had had too much beer.

As the legend fortold, her Bikini of Gold
Could not help her out at this time,
As this girl from San Diego, who always says "Hey- Let's Go!"
Just always wants to have a good time.

After a good laugh with her friends, the damage would mend
As she tucked the Golden Bikini away
"That night was just past, only the memories will last!"
Until she summons the bikini again...

Aahahahahah!! Where do I come up with this stuff??
Woo-Hoo ZoukOut 2007... I dedicate this poetry to everyone who gave me a drink and the millions
of pictures of me wasted showing off my bathing suit. What. A. Night.

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