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lots of music videoesTiistai 28.07.2009 23:38

posted lots of music videos on

so go check it out:)

uupdate from norwaySunnuntai 03.06.2007 22:34

so, ive been here for just about 2 months now, and im loving it.
my new job is just awesome, my boss is great, the work is really hard and long hours, but i definitely get my body back in shape, ive gained 4,5 kilos last month, and it starts to show that im really keeping my muscles busy, yeah, loving that too
otherwise the parties arent really that great and its really hard to find afterparties usually...
but it will get better when i move to my own place soon.
besides from work, sleep, eating there is not really too much to tell, besides from me working on that documentary still and making some music for that one. Studio on the 16th and really looking forwards to it...
that was the short update1
hope youll soon come visit!=)

something...Tiistai 17.04.2007 22:46

Someone touched it, me, she...
will, tell, told, reason, treason
why did we live it?

sure loved, felt, broke,
smoke in my eyes
and under this sky I saw you

my loversSunnuntai 25.02.2007 23:20

tonite, lets get under covers
tonite, lets be lovers
ill decide soon
under the new moon but
lets be lovers,lets be lovers

im feeling changes cool and clear
and im wondering why are you not here
the perfect chord i
live in accord im the
perfect lover, perfect lover

ahaaaaaa ahaaaaaa ahaaaaa

now my love i have to make the choice
you or the other,do i like most?
dont want to choose cause its not my style
get what i want then i run and hide

It is cold under the new moon
you know i decided for the move
tonite im saying goodbye
but lets be lovers
lets be lovers

ahaaaa ahaaaa ahaaaaa

moon is full im sitting by myself
and drinking beer forget my health
was a time i
said goodbye but
we were lovers we were lovers

ahaaa ahaaa ahaaa

Goodbye Finland!Maanantai 19.02.2007 13:52

so its time i leave this place...
Thank you everyone that was in my life here and i hope well be able to stay in touch!
I love You!
...and Me!

BlissKeskiviikko 14.02.2007 02:28



in Spanish rhythm under the sun

IN Beauty

THROUGH Beauty and FOR Beauty


your bliss

"This piece is an entry in the Storyation Media Creation Contest. Winning entries

will appear in a book to be assembled in fall of this year. Get details and register at "

dreams....Lauantai 10.02.2007 15:57

well,i had one strange dream last night...
2 girls had a competition over me, one of which i know,the otherone no clue.looked somewhat familiar,though...
but i can't remember who won:D

foundoutalotofshiiit!:DKeskiviikko 07.02.2007 22:49

anyway, im in love, fuck the shit;)

LOVE money everyone;)

oh yeah well im in love too, i think, at least a major crust of a crush;)
I'm really, really sorry...
my work is taking me out and the stalker, and everything...
well, guess ill figure out something good soon=)
I'm sorry, i forgot to tell about the crazy day(s)
im going to get back to it, when i finally get my thoughts gathered if what's happening is true or not. -anyway, im being's quite funny...
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