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Sign...Tiistai 01.12.2009 23:55

I realize the screaming pain
Hearing loud in my brain
But I'm going straight ahead, with this scar

Go ahead and forget, go ahead and stop feeling
(I) covered up (my) wounded heart

It's fine if (I) get hurt, cause (I) don't feel pain anymore
Even while dragging those feet along

(I) lost sight
of myself
the sound rose
and fell

Before (I) knew it, it was just the sound of the wind...

That comes to tell (me), follow the scar(s)
Before (you're) crushed by the world
Do you remember? The sky of tears

That pain protected you
That pain is always protecting you

More than a strength that doesn't cause wounds, a kindness that can't wound
Some part of that voice seems sad

Like undoing buttons, heart and body seperated
take grasp of (your) heart one more time

(I've) found it, that crying voice
No doubt, that's right, it was my own
All of it was for this moment...

(I'm) sure from the beginning, (you/I) always knew
(That I) wouldn't ever let go of myself again
You noticed, a SIGN (signal) to you
That pain protected you

(I've) come to tell you, follow the scar(s)
If (you) do, there's nothing more to fear...
Don't forget okay? The reason for smiling

That pain protected you
That pain protected you
That pain is always protecting you

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