What is the meaning of death?
Why many people fear it's name?
Why the cold night is too cold for many?
Why forgivness is forbidden?
Why people are scare of the cold dark night?

I walk in the woods,
Alone in the night,
All I see is trees and rocks,
Nothing more than branches of life,
The world seems to be quiet and varm,
Is it terrible to die alone?

I walk in the middle of the woods,
Only the noice of my steps to hear,
only the snow in my eyes,
and the wind in my ears,
It's too quiet to become healed,
What could be more terrifying?
Than dying alone?
When you cannot feel any souls,
near yours..

Why I cannot hear?
Why people scare to die with someone on their side?
Why almost none get's forgivness?
Why almost all want live a life of eternity?!

It's time to die!
Time to die!
Time to leave all behind!
Just need to die!
Just die!
To pure the sould and mind!

The worst thing in death,
is that you can die alone,
lost under snow, drowned under surface,
none saving your soul,
the end of dying alone!!!


So if you die,
try not to be forgotten,
It's so shitty end for anyone,
so just don't do it!

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