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College essays are not the place to brag. Many students make the mistake of bragging about their achievements in their essays. While it's natural to want to appear likable to the college admissions counselor, you're not writing for that audience. After all, you're applying to a college, not to hang out with a pompous kid. Try to show your accomplishments without bragging.

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Before you write your college essay, make sure you read the prompt carefully. Some colleges have very specific prompts, while others are much more open-ended. Be sure not to be too influenced by other students' essays and do my college homework settle for "good enough." Read the prompt carefully and make sure your response answers the question. Don't try to impress anyone by rushing through the essay; this will come across as arrogant, shallow, or both.

Have a friend or family member read over your work. This can be very helpful, as someone else will be able to spot any mistakes that you may have missed. They will also be able to give you constructive feedback. Asking for help will also help you get a fresh set of eyes on your essay. The advice of someone who knows you best will help you make a better essay. Your essay should reflect you and help you see yourself more clearly.

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