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Jooh :D Deviantart<3Tiistai 24.11.2009 16:08

I wanted to tell about myself all over again.

I'm 18 years old girl from Finland up here north. Hurr ~
I love Graphic art doing works with computer. Well i might not be perfect and good at it but i still love messing with Photoshop. I went this school where you finish to Chef <-- i hate that school i wanna change.
My mom doesn't let me to change cause this is my second year.. Sigh. I wanna in Graphic art School. Also i want in English school. Even my English writing might be shit. :/ But i heard i talk very perfect English. Funny.
I have 2 Dogs. Always i try take pictures of them they always move or show bad face to me.
As i love photographing i take photos about everything. I just need get new camera cause i always use my dads working camera or i just travel to Miami get mine. Cause we bought camera with my boyfriend when he was at Finland seeing me. And my dad didn't let me keep my camera. Now my boyfriend can't even use it cause he doesn't have same battery cables than we have here in Finland.
I'm trying to travel to Miami in March. I try also take some pretty beach photos.. Or photos about everything what i see with my two eyes.
I also love writing even i'm not good at it. Even my own language sucks. Sometimes i forgot words i just know them in English. Thats pretty funny too. ^^
I love listen music everyday. I even listen music while i sleep. Also i heard i'm very active as sleep talking.
It's funny to hear from my friends that i talk to them while i sleep. Sometimes having some discussion with them. Sometimes i just scream something in Finnish and English. Once i scream to my friend to go hell. I think she got scared cause she didn't sleep at my house for while from that.
Here is bad thing about me. I'm Online game addicted. Well is that bad? Girl love gaming.
Well thanks for my cousin. He showed me my first online game i was addict on it for four years. I already quit it and well i started a new one with my boyfriend.
Oh yeah. I found my cute little boyfriend from the first online game i start to play. We have been together for year and one month. I'm very happy i found him. I'm sick off my own country guys..
Well this new game i'm addict is very good i love it. I try edit some pictures and post them here.
My boyfriend call me as bla bla machine. Cause i talk a lot. I feel like i'm talking to myself here cause nobody never add me as friend or comment to my works. Always just add to their favorites. I hope someone read this cause this feels like waste of time to me. But well i don't have nothing to do right now. I'm too lazy to go on facebook cause my idiot teacher keeps bugging me. Always saying go sleep. Or if i do some facebook tests she give me weird comments. Sometimes i feel to block her.

Oh if you think about those signatures i use name Mew. Cause it's my forum name in couple forums. Not many i think i should write them here. So you don't think i'm from some forums you know.

- Silkroadaddiction
- Rev6
- Stealthex
There is some others but those 3 i use most my time.
Please check out my website i try edit it everyday. Sometimes i'm just too lazy to do it.

- nubcakemew aka Mew

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