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When I grow up, I’m going to be…Tiistai 15.09.2009 01:42

● A tattoo artist
Problem: I can’t draw.

● A freaking awesome vegan chef/confectioner
Ulterior motive: I’m going to lure Davey Havok into my restaurant and amaze him with my ridiculously amazing muffin making skills. In his sugar high he’ll hire me as AFI’s private tour chef.

● A bassist or a singer in a punk band
Work to do: This is so going to happen once I sound even half as great as Erica Daking.

● A gore/horror writer
Note: It will all be gay.

● A model
Note: It would have to be this kind of rock-modeling.
Problem: I’m 154 cm. And, seriously, with this face? I may be cute in this fucking annoying quinea pig sort of way, but I’m not THAT pretty.

● A clothes designer
Problem: No way in hell I’m going to spend three more years of my life being in school.

● A spontaneously rich person
Work to do: Trace your family tree. There has to be someone old and rich who I can inherit.
Option No. 2: Start lottoing.

● A vampire
Note: Not this ridiculous oh-look-at-me-I-sparkle! -Twilight sort of vampire, but more in the gothic lines of Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite.
Remember: Everytime you say “I don’t believe in vampiros”, one vampiro will DIE.

● A demon hunter
Ulterior motive: I just wanna hang out with Sam and Dean.
Conflict: Who the fuck wants to be both a vampire AND a demon hunter?
Note: This is MY wish list. I can put anything I want in it, even fictional boogeyman chasers.

● A British/Irish/Scottish person
?: ???

● A beautiful gay man
?: ???

● An inventor of a time machine
Where to go: 1995, Bay Area, CA; November 25th, 1994, Finland; October 14th, 1994, Finland; 1992, Blackwood, Wales; 1988, Seattle, WA; 1977, London, England; August 14th, 1975, England; July 30th, 1954, Memphis, TN.

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