She aint no Cinderella when shes getting undressed; coz she rocks it like the Naughty Wicked Witch of the West


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The worst day of my LIFE!!!Tiistai 29.11.2005 23:22

God i can even start to explain how everything was going wrong...but it just was..being late waking 10mins after the bus came...not havin any other bus to take...Having to HITCH-HIKE to school!!! CRAZYNESS! havin a math test and failin it 100%....soo fucked up!!!...ummm lets ribs are SOO badly damaged!! its a huge bruise it takes up my whole abdomen area...i should put a pic up..but its sooo gresome!!!....ummm getting yelled at by pretty much all my teachers.....havin huge fights with a whole lotta people..oh gosh! soo muchmore i couldnt even start talkin bout!!!....ill get back later!!!<3<3<3<3

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