She aint no Cinderella when shes getting undressed; coz she rocks it like the Naughty Wicked Witch of the West

oi oi oi:D:D:DKeskiviikko 30.11.2005 20:49

Im soooo excited! and i just cant hide it!!!<3<3<3 hehehehe.....
Im writing my scenes for.......english on the play..and GOSH! i dont think i have EVER used that many cursewords..or pretty much the word FUCK!

For some reason im really tired and i dunno...its wierd...but whatver....

hahahah LOL! such an embarrassin thing!!!
My dad left today when he was going to a meeting and he had to go and pick up my suscription of my birth control pills!!! NOLO!!!!! hahahahah...soooo funny!! wonder how he feels!! seemed chill but whatver.....:D:D:D

uuuummmmmm.....CANT WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND!!!<3<3<3

Loove you guys!!<3<3<3

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