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Jjust...Keskiviikko 05.07.2006 08:18

Orakikkeli-haasteLauantai 10.06.2006 13:16

Noniin. Annan sinulle kysymyksiä ja sinä käyt osoitteessa
kyselemässä kysymykset oraakkelilta ja kirjoitat oraakkelin vastaukset tänne. HUOM! Saat muotoilla kysymykset haluamaasi kieleen, tyyliin tai murteeseen tai vaihtaa sana järjestystä, mutta kysymyksessä pitää olla sama juoni. Nyt kirjoittamaan.

Lopuksi haasta neljä kaveriasi tekemään saman.

1.Kuinka vanha olen?
Ulkonäkö voi pettää, muista se!

2.Mikä on horoskooppini?
Elämä itse.

3.Mikä on nimeni

4.Missä olen nyt?
Pienessä punaisessa laatikossa, jossa asustaa pieniä punaisia möykkyjä.

5.Mistä olen kotoisin?

6.Mikä on turhinta maailmassa?
Minä voin kertoa tulevaisuutesi, menneisyytesi, onnesi, epäonnesi, mutta tietosanakirja minä en ole.

7.Mikä on minulle arvokkainta?
Rakkaus on arvokkainta mitä on. Ja läheisyys.

8.Miltä tunnun?

9.Miltä maistun?

10.Miltä tuoksun?


11.Missä minun kuuluisi olla?
Keskellä katua

12.Mistä minut löytää?

13.Missä asun?

14.Mikä on sukupuoleni?
No ei tosiaankaan, mitäs sä nyt oikein kuvittelet?

15.Miten minut tavoittaa?
Kuuluu huonosti, puhu kovempaa.

16.Kuka on minulle tärkein?
Kalju herrasmies.

17.Mikä minä olen?
Olet piikki lihassani.

18.Miltä näytän?

*laskuhumala, pah*

19.Mikä minun kuuluisi olla?
En voi vastata, ja syynä siihen on ikäsi. Olen pahoillani.

Ja haista itse itsesi jos halajat niin kiihkeästi.

Jjust...Keskiviikko 04.01.2006 18:39

Kaikkee sitä mun nikillä myydäänkin...

Meikäläisestä on moneks...

Eläimen viisauksia?Tiistai 27.12.2005 21:56

Elämä on tasantarkkaan niin vaikeaa kuin me ihmiset siitä teemme.

Luukku teki mun elämästä helvetin paljon vaikeempaa automaattisen uloskirjautumisen avulla.

Robots make humans obsolete?Keskiviikko 30.11.2005 12:03

Vastasin eräässä foorumissa tyypin kysymykseen.

RE: do you think one day technology will advance and make us humans obselete

It depends will humans built robots that are smarter than any human (note, speedy brains doesnt mean you're smart) in any given specific category (math, arts, sosiology, etc). If the robots are smart, and humans are smart (laugh?), there will become symbiosis of some level. But if the humans try to be the masters of those clearly (generally) smarter machines and the machines got overwhelming power, we're toast (extinct, total laboric slavery or Matrix).

Also a thing to keep in mind is, that smart and reasonable person will never make robot that would be 100% autonomous without upkeep of human for the eternity. But how about smart and insane? Or smart and sane who is forced by less smart but insane?

I would say, that machines could never make humans obsolete, for I think that human creativity can never be put in AI. Of course there can be put all sort of randomizers in here and there in the code for it to mix few things and create something uber that havent existed before, but it still wont beat human in creativity. Robots can never be that insane - unless built by human (=flawless work), or strongly affected by human behaviorism (which has created countless amount of insane humans). And robots never can feel love. They may become attached, but never fall in love. Or do you consider coded love to be real? (while, genes code the love in us humans...)

I would say that if robots would become totally independent and could go on even if humans would die off, they will either become as their own species, or grow within humanity. By that moment, it would be humans own fault, if the machines would turn against us. Would we try to live with them, or would we declare war with them?

About current situation, we are slaves to the machinery as far as it goes by the society's free will. Without the computers and machines, we'd be in the age of sword and horses.

You gotta watch what you sayKeskiviikko 30.11.2005 11:59

Tässä tällanen ihana tarina jolla on oikeastikin opetus. Ei kylläkään minun kirjoittama, pistin talteen erään pelin foorumista. <a href="">j00</a>

You gotta watch what you say. You never know who’s listening or how they’re gonna take it. Tell you what I mean. ‘Bout 15 years back, I was hauling some, uh, necessities back and forth between G.R. and Deneb. The Sercs and Tanis both knew it was goin on, and both pretty much ignored it.

The station master at Elias Stand was good to us traders. If you needed a tool or spare part for your ship, you just borrowed it. He didn’t mind as long as it showed up again sooner or later. He knew we had to keep flyin if he wanted the, uh, necessities we flew in from G.R.

About 10 months after I got there, the Tanis shipped in a new station master. He was a real by the book, rule quotin kinda guy. Musta had a couple fuel rods stuck up his… Well, you get my drift.

The day he arrived, the “borrowing” stopped. He told his second in command that traders were “just a bunch of thieves who would steal the station if nobody was looking.” He didn’t know he’d been overheard by a couple of traders in the corridor. Or maybe he didn’t care.

When I heard what he’d said, I got to thinkin. You know anything about the Aerna Seeker MK I’s? Not the fancy kind you see now. The old ones. You could crack the case on them and hack the CPU in about two minutes flat. No security codes at all. And once that engine started firing, they’d practically go forever.

So, a couple of weeks later, the new station master has to go to Itan for some kinda big meeting. And soon as he goes, we start roundin up a bunch a Seekers. We reprogram ‘em to fly in a straight line and never stop. Then, we release ‘em all against the docking bay exit force field. The seekers can’t get through the force field, but they don’t know any better, so they just keep goin. Slowly but surely, the station starts to drift out of position.

It was a long meeting. When the stationmaster returns, all he finds is a message buoy broadcasting: “Guess no one was looking.”

Of course, three big Tani space tugs warped in a couple of hours later and towed the station back into position. But, we never did see the new station master again.

That’s what I mean. You gotta watch what you say.

Opinion about AnarcyKeskiviikko 30.11.2005 11:56

Tällasen rustasin joskus... Sit laitoin kopion yhteen foorumiin ja juma se poiki ihan mielenkiintosen keskustelun. Eritoten ku sinne ei ruvennu kukaan/mikään raivoisasti kantaansa puolta-pitävä vääntään mitään omaa skeidaa. Jessiltäkin tuli ihan fiksu vastaus. Vaikkakin eka lause sai tuntemaan hieman itsensä nolanneeksi. "Don't get too excited about it, it's just a background image. The band's name was the point anyways."

Hi jess.

I'm messaging you considering the background of your page, the "anarchy and peace". There's one big problem with it, because anarchy and peace is an oxymoron state, in other words: impossible.

Those anarchists who thinks that the world would be better and more peaceful and so on place without control of community (aka goverment) fails to realize the fact that control is in human nature. There always will be "the leader of the pack". Yes, you can compare humans to wolf-pack. There's no anarcy, they got strict hierarchy in the herd.

What keeps humans in (stupid?) hierarchies in these days of "wisdom and intelligence"? Fear. Humans are slaves to their fear.
Plus the common behaviorism. I think you surely do consider that some people are "less good" than you, thus you place them below yourself. If they place you above themselves, there we go: hierarchy. Even with rarity of both clearly agreeing the positions.

I consider the peace, freedom and wildness (in limits) as good things, but anarchy as bad. Anarchy will never be stable state, for there always will be "the stronger", who will come and fill the place of "missing power". Mainly, because when there's anarchy, there sure isnt peace, because everyone will be doing what they like. Criminality would become a common habit. And if the state of anarchy will go long enough, there will start to form hierarchy of criminal-gangs (and the forming would be bloody), and after all the state of anarchy would be least somewhat gone, but the life would have become hell.

My message for all of the anarchists: Smoke the weed, drink the alcohol, stamp the grass all how much you ever want, but do not wish anarchy. Because anarchy is the control of the strongest in it's worst form.

Also, nice hair.


PS. this is just my opinion, so dont burn your sleeves. And dont kill the mouse. ;)

HissuaKeskiviikko 30.11.2005 11:44

05.30 tulee numerosta 173601 viesti, ite olin heränny about 1min sitten kissan metelöintiin (päätti rueta ajoissa leikkiin), mutta emäntä taisi herätä siihen? Mitenhän tuohon viestiinkin reagoisi? Taitaa olla Jennan kavereita. :P
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