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You're Moomin!
Always eager to learn and form new friendships, you're in touch with your inner child, and a delight to be around. Your impulsiveness sometimes gets you into trouble, but you usually find your way out of it, and if not, you're not afraid to ask for help. You're a very social person, your friends are important to you, and you hate to fight with people.
On the downside, you can be a little co-dependent sometimes. Perhaps you need to learn how to be by yourself. You're kind of clingy around that Snufkin-guy for instance...
In matters of the heart you fall in love quickly, but you're also loyal and very willing to work out whatever problems you and your partner might have. Your ideal match is the romantic Snorkmaiden, who'd love to have you waiting upon her.
Career-wise you'd make a great scientist or investigator!

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