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...and then he heard a tune, a melody that he had never heard, every passing second it brought down his heart, leading one into misery and sorrow. A dark figure appeared from the shadows of the gothic hall of the mansion...

"What is that you seek, stranger." Told the shadow.
"No more nor less than an answer, answer for this testing and trying." Answered the hero.
"You are no king, every word they say, every move they make, everything is a lie, a conspiracy, even your own love has turned against you. You are alone, all alone in this miserable world."
"You will hope your words are nothing more than lies." The hero said. And in his eyes was burning a flame of self-destruction and rage. He squeezed his hands into fists, raised them before his face, and closed his eyes. His hands were shaking with anger.
"Appear, you vile shadow!" Shouted the hero.

A skinny and pale man appeared from the darkness, he was wearing only leggings made of bone and covered wit the tears of the tortured, and in his hand he held a sword blazing with the anger and hatred of the dead.
"Is this how you choose to face your destiny?" Said a cold voice, echoing in the recesses of the hero's mind, draining away his strenght.
"Seems like there are no other choices" Said the hero and gathered his courage.
The man was standing at distance too great for a sword to reach, until he slowly faded away and the hero heard someone whispering into his ear.
"So be it"
The hero reacted immedieately, drew his sword, turned around and blocked the blow of the man of the shadows. The hero used his chance, and swung his sword with all of his power, as the man was confused of the hero's reflexes...

<to be continued>

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