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NostalgieKeskiviikko 10.05.2006 16:06

Wrote today a letter to sign off my current work. Aw.. Feeling sad to leave it. Only month and a half spent there, but everything now is soo familiar, coffee-mashine (automatic one!), and woman wc (hitted there couple fingers today), and a table (permanent bruises on my poor thighs) and my team leader and team mate (female blondes...), and a pencil of eye-burning neon orange colour, and my computer, with a pink little stickers filled with Finnish words (7 stickers, approx. 12 words each), and one more pink sticker with a calender drawn, I åm checking days there, counting how much is left until my trip to Finland the sweet, country of my love. 10 days. 2006 May, 20 I leave. 4 workdays left, I come no more to the work at the next Tuesday.And one more pink stickers, couple song names of which I liked, from zoice fi radio (didn't manage to ahndle Finnish interfeiss there, unlike irc-galleria).

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