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Things finally got in order.Torstai 11.05.2006 23:52

Finally it begins to be realnice. I mean, first of that was my aunt who offered me her noble help with my fawking apartments. So stopped my psychose when i couldn't sleep nights and stuff. Now I can. this night I slept like 11:00-7:40, which is GREATLY uncommon for me, especially nowadays. Big fawking insomnia. I was in like permanent histeria. And now she offers me help. <3 <3 <3.
No sarcasm.

And as this psychose stopped, life decided to make me a gift.
Like, I decided I need me black peep-toes for summer.
Ok. Next day my teammate presented me a pair. Just by accident she tried to wear it again. No, she couldn't. Offered them to me. Fitted me nicely. She walked in them once, and only once. Another shape of foot.


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