4.4.2010 - 6.5.2010 in JAPAN!!

Abingdon Boys School concert @ Tavastia, Helsinki was awesome!!

yes, I ended up going there even though I first intented to only stroll around the line and skip the gig....buuuut tiinuskikinda forced me to go to the gig too...and I'm pretty damn happy she did 'cause we were in the 2nd row and got to touch ALL the members (and their bassist IKUO, who's seriously HOT!!!!)

Before the gig, we spent our time in the line with 2 japanese fans from Saitama and Yokohama. They're members of ABS official fanclub and wanted to come to Finland to see their shows in Europe too! They didn't speak English very well though so I got to speak with them in Japanese pretty much the whole day!!

We got in really fast after the doors opened and bought some fanstuff (I bought 2 wristbands and a t-shirt and Tiina bought postcards/photos and a CD....though she later bought the shirt from me too). At first we were at the back but during the first 3 or so songs we managed to move to the 2nd row, right in front of SUNAO (and IKOU <3). Then we started throwing heartmarks at them and screaming as much as we could...At one point I tried to get Takanori to send us some kisses and stuff too...

They played lots of REALLY good songs like INNOCENT SORROW, Fre@k $HoW, HOWLING, NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, Nephilim, LOST REASON, BLADE CHORD, Desert Rose, STRENGHT., Freedom, JAP, Valkyrie, 君の歌. During Nephilim tiinuskialmost cried and she was pretty much shaking throughout the whole concert. I seriously found myself staring way too much at their concert bassist (who's obviously not an official member) IKUO...oh yeah and at one point it seriously looked like Takanori had an interesting bulge in his pants...could have been our imagination though (^O^;;;)

Anyway, after the gig we got out and went to use toilet in Kamppi (and took the 2 japanese fans with us 'cause we wanted to go clubbing with them) afterwhich we went back to Tavastia and waited for over an hour for ABS to come out. While we waited we took pictures with every other staff member that came out for a cigarette...they were slightly amused when we asked if we could take pictures with them (in japanese of course).

Oh yeah, we also got to laugh when the staff had some trouble deciding into which car they should put SUNAO's luggage. We were like "We can take them, thank you very much". Unfortunately they didn't give it us. It would have been a nice souvenier or something. Anyway, when they FINALLY decided to come out, I of course, had my camera, pen and paper ready and we dived in to ask for their autographs and pictures with them! One japanese female staff member, to whom I'd earlier said I find IKUO extremely hot, almost literally threw me into ABS's car so I sat there for a while right next to Kishi (after getting his autograph of course) and in front of SUNAO (got his autograph too) and IKUO. I then asked IKUO to take a picture with me and also got his autograph too. SUNAO really cracked up at this....I swear he had trouble hiding his laughter...

While I was busy chatting with IKUO and SUNAO, tiinuskiwas hitting on Hiroshi. Then I got out of the car and we went to chat with Takanori together. He was soo happy-go-lucky and took a picture with us and, surprise surprise, autographs too. I swear one western staff member was about kill us when we kinda grabbed Takanori's ass for a while. Taka on the other hand just laughed, smiled and seemed to enjoy it....

Left one is tiinuski's and the right one is mine. Takanori was soo amused that I had this cute pink Hello Kitty paper and pen...I seriously couldn't help but giggle. Right after giving only few autographs Takanori got into the car and they drove away. We were throwing hearts at them and waving like crazy. Takanori too, waved like there was no tomorrow. He was soo cute...I seriously started to doubt his mental age.

Anyway, after ABS had left, we headed to a night club Fever with the 2 japanese fans, Akane and Chihiro. I got to speak even more japanese and treated them few drinks :3 Their faces were soo hilarious when we made them taste Salmari and Fisu shots. We also chatted alot about ABS and various other things (including Johnny's) with them. They even invited us to go with them to ABS concert in Japan if and when we visit JP. (^o^)v Also, when they heard that tiinuskiand I both have birthdays this month, they gave us OFFICIAL ABS photo's as presents ( tiinuskialso got glasses similar to Takanori's from Chihiro).

Around 1 or 2 am we walked Akane and Chihiro back to their hotel and then took a bus to my place...where we continued our endless flailing, giggling, flailing, fangirling...oh and did I mention flailing? It was clearly an crazy yet AWESOME day.....indeed it was (<3_<3)

PS. I just ordered KAT-TUN's Break the Records DVD First press limited edition <3 and you can expect to see a loooong post about our way of celebrating Koki's bday yesterday...

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