4.4.2010 - 6.5.2010 in JAPAN!!


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I LOVE this place!!!!Perjantai 16.04.2010 07:00

No, seriously. There's so much to see, so much to do and so much to experience. Not to mention the language! Everywhere I go, I get to use my favorite language :D

Osaka was so much fun! It was the first city I went to here in Japan and I instantly fell in love with it! People there were so nice (and loud) and helpful and it's like a paradise for someone who loves shopping (like me!!). I even felt that I'm really quiet compared to the people in Osaka. Osaka is definitely a place I'd love to live in.

Kyoto and Nara were awesome too. All the historical places like castles, temples, shrines, old city streets etc. vere so damn beautiful. And in Nara, there were deers walking around the streets near the temples. Wild deers. They came like right next to me so that I could touch them. They were really cute. *w*

In Kyoto I also fell in love with japanese hotsprings, onsen. The water is really hot but it works wonders on tense muscles. I felt so relaxed after sitting in an onsen for only like 5 minutes or so. It's a shame there are no onsens in Finland~~

Nagoya is so much fun too! I've been shopping lots of RUSS-K, Indio x RUSS-K, Blue Moon Blue and Cocolulu stuff. But Cocolulu has like really small sizes so so far I haven't bought clothes from them, only bags and mirror and stuff like that. But I plan to buy at least one pair of jeans from them.

Today, it's going to be more shopping for me 'cause we are going to Osu with my japanese friend Mako and her co-worker Konami-san. And on sunday, I'll go to Johnny's shop with Minori (Mako's sister). Minori and I, we both love NEWS so we've been talking about them alot! Now we are trying to look for tickets to Tegomassu's Osaka-jo hall concerts because we want to go there together!

Speaking of Osaka-jo hall, I can't wait to get to go see Kis-My-Ft2's concert there on May 4th!!!!

That's about it for now!

Greetings to all from the wonderful country of JAPAN!!!!

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