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on se ennakkoluulo jännä asiaMaanantai 01.09.2008 01:45

Yhteisö: Dir en grey
Koko: 2071 jäsentä
Tyttöjä: 1660 (81 %)
Poikia: 411 (19 %)

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 25.08.2008 22:12

Q: I always wanted to say this but you always sing different lyrics from the cd.
Kyo: yeah, every time

Q: You change the melody too. Do you have a stock of these and then just pick out one of them?
Kyo: No, no! I just improvise on the spot. So even if you did hear what I'm saying, some parts may not make sense at all. But then I just let out my emotions and what I'm thinking straight out so some of them might make sense but most of them probably don't.

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Jee sain tänään pikkusiskon :)

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 20.08.2008 00:20

8:15 - 17:00 koulupäivät on perseestä.

Killswitch Engage - My CurseTiistai 19.08.2008 13:40

I watched you walk away
Hopeless, with nothing to say
I strain my eyes
Hoping to see you again

This is my curse (the longing)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the yearning)
This is my curse

There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?
Will you be there?

Your silence haunts me
But I still hunger for you

This is my curse (the wanting)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the needing)
This is my curse

There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?

And still I want
And still I ache
But still I wait
To see you again

Dying, inside, these walls

And I see your face in these tears
In these tears
And I see your face...

There is love

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 18.08.2008 18:32

Mä saan kohta pikkusiskon :)
They dress up like MARILYN MANSON rejects and sing in Japanese. Ya gotta hand it to anyone crazy enough to take a chance on this band, supposedly one of the biggest in the Land of the Rising Sun — I can't picture hordes of English-speaking kids flocking to this scattershot mixed bag of twisted, melodic metal, but stranger things have happened.

DIR EN GREY like to mix things up — take the third track, which sports a melodic chorus that would sound great on the radio, bookended by filthy distorted thrash parts and bellowed death metal vocals. Or track five — which comes up as a bunch of Japanese characters on my iPod — a syrupy AOR song with vocals smooth enough to bring FALCO back from the grave. There's jagged bits of punk, SLIPKNOT moments, silly chipmunk vocal parts, death metal bellows, and chunky riffs all thrown into a blender and set on "anime."

The whole thing just sounds a little too intentionally goofy and disjointed to these ears. The singer usually has a great, bombastic chorus to throw in, although he could well be using the same one for every song, but the rest of this is like some kind of neon snow globe. It's all flashy and distracting, but there's very little of substance behind it. It's their fifth album, and they've obviously got fans, no doubt attracted to the manic energy they admittedly exude. But after all the brash hoopla contained here, almost nothing sticks in your memory, and DIR EN GREY is consigned to novelty status.

Download "Dead Tree", and if you like it, imagine it doused in sugar and festooned with marshmallow bits. That's the rest of the songs. I freely admit that I may just not get it, but "Withering to Death" does absolutely nothing for me.

- Keith Bergman