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ajsshakshMaanantai 01.10.2007 02:29

VITTU DOZING GREEN KUULOSTAA IHANALTA! Ainakin se 10 sekkaa mitä kuulin oli ihan helvetin upea *___*

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 27.09.2007 23:19

Listaa seitsemän laulua, joista tällä hetkellä pidät. Genrellä ja sanoilla ei ole väliä, eikä haittaa vaikka laulu ei edes olisi mitenkään hyvä, kunhan itse nautit siitä. Laulujen ei tarvitse olla järjestyksessä. Kopioi nämä ohjeet omaan päiväkirjaasi/blogiisi/journaliisi niiden seitsemän laulun kanssa. Nakita sitten seuraavat viisi henkilöä nähdäksesi mitä he kuuntelevat.

1. Dir en grey - Akuro no Oka
2. Dir en grey - The Fatal Believer
3. Dir en grey - Undecided
4. Nightwish - While Your Lips Are Still Red
5. Aural Vampire - Darkwave Surfer
6. Sting - Never Coming Home
7. Garbage - Nobody loves you

Nakitan kaikki jotka stalkkaa mun päiväkirjaa \o/

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 24.09.2007 11:56

TDN:SSA OLI IHAN VITUN KIVAA!! *____* parrty fiilikset vieläkin päällä ja pitäis jaksaa kouluun mennä kirjottaa aine -__- "FREEEEZE!!" <3___<3 SiSeN ja Raveman oli <3

Engrish <3Keskiviikko 19.09.2007 23:56

-I ATE TOO- >:-D

LUE JOS ET VIELÄ OLE!!Keskiviikko 19.09.2007 22:41

- At a show fans watch and
when I don't scratch my
chest or when I scratch it
and blood doesn't come out
there are people who say,
"He's cutting corners."
It's like, Fuck you,
bastards, seriously fuck

-...the good and bad
feedbacks are
half-and-half. I think
this is a good thing. To
be honest, don't I always
say that "Fans are
important to us!" ? It's
like, "Without the fans,
there won't be us".
However I always muse if
this is right. The pace at
which we changed visually
and musically are both
very rapid, some fans
liked our earlier music,
and there are those who
only liked our present
style. Of course, the fans
who don't like us will
disappear; but on the
other hand the fans who
liked the present us
increases. However, there
are old fans who don't
like our present music,
but they still attended
our lives because they
like our visual aspects
and our personality. I
think those fans can stop
coming. Even though this
might seem very cold, but
we exist because of the
music, so I hope you could
all get to know Dir en
grey through music, it's
already enough.

- Kyo

ZOMBOIDTiistai 18.09.2007 19:58

Licked by the Nurse Cosplayer,
I can't hold it in, it's time to ejaculate
spattering slimy on to your face.

It only lasted five minutes but,
it was a pleasure, a trip, a trap, an S trip.
running gooey into your mouth.

The S&M Porno's of the 80's were my adolesence.
Midori, Eri, Ai, Jyun.
The blurred out bits got in the way, frustrated and pissed me off.

Now even I'm all grown up.
These days I've stopped just watching the videos,
now I go to specialty pervert shops.
I'm hot and horny for little Alpine Heidi.

At the small park in front of Shinjuku Gyoen
on the fourth floor of the Gotanda Building.
my eyes were opened anew, unable to look away.

It's too late to think that I can be Bisexual now,
so I rid myself of the thought.
Addicted to the male sexual organ. Licking up the goo.

Sweet my Honey

High Trance Play.

Rain of InsultTiistai 18.09.2007 19:52

In the tears of this violent emotion,
The tenderness I lost is born
and I'm given love

It must be because of my own weakness
That I lost my heart...?

It's then the proof of sadness,
caused by absolute justice
In the lukewarm rain
which does not stop

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 17.09.2007 01:09

I don't even know, the things you want me to see
Waiting for you
Thinking of you
Give into me, I'll make you blue

the Fatal BelieverMaanantai 17.09.2007 01:07

I've been tainted
You are stunning and I just want you
Now, laugh

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 15.09.2007 13:48

Mä en vieläkään tajuu et sain liput ja viel MOLEMMILLE päiville *___* Pitää koko ajan mennä tarkistaa et liput on tallella kun se tuntuu niin epätodelliselta et ne tulee ihan just takas \Ö_Ö/