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Improved google docs!Tiistai 13.04.2010 13:26

For all those users who are big fans of Google Docs there are some more peanuts in it. Now it can supports up to 50 simultaneous users to make changes to the documents (before it needed to be waited in queue). HTML 5 is extensively used for this accomplishment as Google is pioneer in utilizing newest technologies for the end users and providing usability and convenience. Other changes are performance, layout engine and a bit more.

Read more about it here.

Of course we would expect a lot more from Google.
(Seems like Google and Microsoft both are sneaking through to give apple tough time. There is kind a well realized rumor that Microsoft is working on Windows Phone and so Google is also working for its tablet. Good news for the users anyway since it means affordability to users and at the same time availability of the features will be prioritized by vendors. In the meanwhile, Apple has already announced soon the availability of long awaited features for iPhone OS4 including Multitasking specifically however which will not be available to classical iPhones)

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