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Random höpö höpö!Tiistai 11.05.2010 14:13

How many of us have complain about life and its cruelties. Tragedies are part of life and may be we forget it very easily. No one is so much cruel and may be we should keep remember that we are usually extra ordinary sensitive to situations. We are actually strong enough to forget both extensive pain and joy. We lack balance very often. If we stop manipulating people and if we could just see the positive side of things, may be world is not so bad. May be we are the one who lack the capability of getting respect. We ignore those chances which life provides us just because of ego. We lie when it is time that we reveal the truth to manifest our crystal clear soul. When people need our soft words and sympathy then we shout and anger becomes our 'companion'.

How many of us has shown us 'ourselves' when we are not really ourselves. Sometimes our own internal fear causes troubles to us which we don't recognize and of course it is always the easiest to blame others. No matter how many mistakes we make, we definitely know how to cover up. In fact, we try to cover them up using tissue papers.

We should see ourselves in mirror often and I bet that we all like ourselves. The question still remains is that how many people out there like us. That is what actually matters.

Thanks for reading this nonsense.

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