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Application letter

Oxfordstreet 45 A
968760 London

30 July 2010

The personal Photographer
Studio Polite OY

Dear Prince or Princess,

Re: Job Reference 209

With reference to your advertisement in your door plus 18 feet to west, June 2010, I wish to apply as the next princess to take over your crown with my husband Vegeta and our 20 children in your castle. If you will not except we shall come to kill you all.

I’ve been treated like a princess for all my life. My father had to sell his company to buy a dream house for me. I don’t know anything about politics, or history. I can answer yes or no. I am also VERY good go ordering people and make them do as I say. My father is dead so I am in inherit for his billion £. That’s why I should be the next princess. I am also very beautiful and kind. I hate many people and have thousands of enemies and love fighting. We could attack and take over the China company.
I feel that my skills and experience could benefit your crown in this post.

I enclose my CV that includes, my pictures, all the make-up marks I use, my favourite foods and clothes I use. And also a list of those who would move with me to the castle.
I don’t visit you, you visit me as soon as you get this letter!

Faithfully to me, from you,

Miki Imimoto.

(ps, kirjotettu 10 min, kirjotusvirheitä on ihan vitusti x'D Ja joo se oli koulu työ )

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