Maybe we'll someday grow. Till then just sit your drunk ass on that fucking runway hoe!

MBK BOOSTER NEST GENERATION <33Tiistai 30.06.2009 03:35

10027km ajettu eikä vieläkää joutunu vaihtaa yhtäkää osaa tai käyttää huollossa :DDDDDD
mun scooter on best :')

Yksäril Thx =)Tiistai 30.06.2009 02:19

Kirjoita 5 asiaa mitä mieltä minusta olet, jokaisen vastauksen on olatava totuuden mukainen.
sen jälkeen lisää tämä omaan päiväkirjaasi.

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 29.06.2009 03:23

Give your soul to me
For eternity
release your life
to begin another time with her
End your grief with me
there's another way
release your life
take your place inside the fire with her

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 29.06.2009 03:20

Why do you have to be such a bitch.
Why don't you why don't you fuck off and die!
Why can't you just fuck off and die!
Why can't you just leave here and die!
Never stick your hand in my face again, bitch.
Fuck you!!!
I don't need this shit!
You stupid, sadistic, abusive, fucking whore.
Would you like to see how it feels mommy?
Here it comes get ready to die!

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 29.06.2009 00:09

Minusta tuntuu niin koskemattomalta
Ja haluan sinua niin paljon
Että, en voi vain vastustaa sinua
Ei ole tarpeeksi sanottu, että kaipaan sinua
Minusta tuntuu niin koskemsttomalta juuri nyt
Tarvitsen sinua jotenkin niin paljon
En voi unohtaa sinua
Olen tullut hulluksi sitten sinun tapaamisesi

let me see how you get loose! Sunnuntai 28.06.2009 23:06

got you backin up, in a defensive position
an ass-kickin anthem, heavyweight or bantam
holdin camps for ransom, the microphone phantom
teams hit the floor, this the new fight joint
like a broken needle kid, you missin the point!
we dominate your conference with offense that's no
my theme song hits, GET YOUR REINFORCEMENTS!
we strike quick with hard kicks, duckin ice picks
bare-knuckle men through fight pits, beat you

Oisit Uskonu ;D C`est La vieSunnuntai 28.06.2009 19:52

I feel so untouched
And I want you so much
That I just can't resist you
It's not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow
I can't forget you
I'm going crazy from the moment I met you

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 28.06.2009 04:02

I am their leader, but what they expect from me?

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 25.06.2009 02:18

Times up, games over, you lose, I win
'bout to show these knuckleheads how to do this here
Ooh yeah, new year, next phase, begin
Look who's got you goin' crazy again
I'm a trend, I set one every time I'm in
I go out and just come back full circle again
You a fad, that means your something that we already had

You're off the map now, radar can't even find you
We stay on the grind, you slip, we out-grind you
You walk around mad, you let your anger blind you
We walk around just playin' the violin behind you
Enough with all the pissin' and moanin', whinin' and bitchin'
Sit and observe, listen, you'll learn if you pay attention