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[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 30.07.2008 03:01

Noniin, nyt sitten oli mielenkiintonen päivä.

Eka oli maanjäristys. Ja eipä siinä muuta kuvailtavaa ole kuin, että maa tärisi. Ikkunat helisi ja yks jopa hajos. Sitten - se olikin ohi.

Ja rannalla lintu saakeli pasko mun housuille :D !

Kiitos tästä päivästä

LMaanantai 28.07.2008 10:16

I can't belive
that I truly belive

u made me belive

but it's so cheesy
that I won't even say that


Tonight in your arms,
what more can I ever ask ?

uPerjantai 25.07.2008 12:36

this is the reason
i dont need this

i dont want this

i came here and still i have to deal with those things,
after many years

when will u learn to live without me

u r tearing me apart

stop that

stop it should have stoped it a long time ago

and i already wished
that those times had gone by

guess i was wrong

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 21.07.2008 10:28

My B-day n' Malibu beach house 's waitin' %-)

3 viikkoa ja 3 päivääPerjantai 18.07.2008 11:16

jarna tulee

ootan sitä enemmän kuin mitään muuta

LOLPerjantai 18.07.2008 11:06

I just heard
your voice

there are so many voices that matters
but just some of them means more than the others

I just felt everything
everything you can squeeze into a second
and more

I don't have anyone to hold
so I need to get it out of my system by listening
your voices

those are that matters now

here I'm trying to be quiet
to hear you

maybe through that I'll feel you

your arms around me
wishpering "I care"

I felt more than I wanted
cause now I'm confused

missing maybe

but that's allowed
cause it's about you

making my way
to learn about life, world and me

but still I have the most important thing always with me
your love to me
and my love to you

have I ever said thank you,
thank you mom dad

without you
I wouldn't be living out loud

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 12.07.2008 17:07

saisinko takaisin vaaleat hiukseni kiitos

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 12.07.2008 09:05

Oih. Tänään taas mietin kuinka kivaa mulla on n.4viikon päästä. usko tai älä, jarna, oon enemmän innoissani ku sä !! ;)

4 viikkoa ja 4 päivääTorstai 10.07.2008 11:14



Olen iloinen siksi! <3