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[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 14.06.2009 04:23

I'm starting to feel okay, after you
finally or just for now ?

I'm on my way there, away from you.
This should be an easy road, cuz I never was there,
in your heart.

MAYBE you were in mine.

Hard to say. You haven't been around lately.
You haven't been here,
so that I could feel something.

Probably better like this.

Keeps me wondering,
what we could have been - a fairytale?

Yea, that's all false, so YES that's something that we were.

No more fairytales. I'm done with all the faking.
No it's my time to live, for the thruth that is there for me.

I'm starting to feel okay.

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 09.06.2009 16:15

So they change
they walk away
they walk in

oh this life is passing by
wonder where are all those days that made this feel like home
we all went somewhere
keeping intouch - just in case
what if we all end up being alone
thinking these same mistakes we've made

So they change
they walk away
they walk in

being still a numb

Oh I so hate how these feelings keep coming back
throwing me into that same game again and again
never moved on
still running away like no tomorrow
one life to live
other one to die for

nothing for you
it's all for me

no, there's nothing left to lean on
after the dark

So they change
they walk away
they walk in

for these memories I've made
I won't bow
for the sacrifices that I've done
I won't hello

Another year
making these walls even smaller

-someday I will break 'em
asking for more

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 31.05.2009 05:55

just get back up when it knocks you down,
they say

so easy to say,
I say

when you are feeling high and good
shit keeps happening
they disappoints you

my life so fucking great and cool
just living it feels like battle after another.

how that person you love the most
can be the person
that you hate the most

two sides in every story
but either one isn't that glory!

+Perjantai 22.05.2009 03:23

Turhaa näet vaivaa tekiessäsi kaikkea tuota,
kun et voi kuitenkaan nähdä vaivaa tunteideni eteen.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 22.05.2009 03:16

sinuun minä silmäni kiinnitin
koskaan eivät irronneet
vieläkin edes pala sinusta antaa lämmön

koskaan ei lämpöön saisi tottua
koska sen jälkeen kylmyys on aina tappavampaa

en pyytänyt mitään
en siksi kai saanutkaan
tyhjin käsin silti kannan tuhansia muistoja

anna minun olla naivi
mielummin olen se, joka uskoi aina
seisoi sanojensa takana

pyörin ympyrää
taidat sinä minua niin lujasti pyörittää
melko itsekästä
liian kauan jatkunut ollakseen vain ajattelematonta

anna minun kertoa
kaikki se mikä olisi pitänyt sanoa kauan sitten

anna minulle vastaus
kaikkeen siihen mikä pitää minua valveilla öisin

en ole pitkään aikaan edes itkenyt
usko pois
olen jo tarpeeksi vahva kestääkseni sen
sen mitä ikinä aiotkaan tehdä
tai jättää tekemättä

vihaan kuinka säälittävää on olla saatavilla aina
milloin sinun aikatauluusi käy
mutta vain siten saan pitää sinut osana elämääni

tuhannesti sanottu
haluan rikkoa pirstaleiksi sen naiviuteni
jonka siivellä annan haaveitteni lentää

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 09.05.2009 17:55

it feels so right to see your name down there
otherwise there's no point

just say somethingLauantai 09.05.2009 14:12

are you that embarresed that u didnt react at all
or are you happy that im still there if u want
or are you just playing with my already broken heart
or just not caring at all as im afraid

just tell me something
can u please say something
just speak
tell me something real
something that matters
something i can hold on to
or something that will give me a reason to let go

i know i have too many reasons already
i just feel that i need the last piece to break my heart so that i can hate u
i know u dont want me to hate u
but i wanna hate u
it would make all so easy

so stop ignoring and then back to being available.
why go through all that trouble to make me believe that u r a good man
when it would be so much less selfish to tear me apart.
stop it and talk

please, make me hate you!

Don'tKeskiviikko 15.04.2009 21:09

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 15.04.2009 01:49

yea its just how u knew it would be
hating yourself cuz of that
no need to explain,
no need to tell

thats everything i feel
even after the next morning

i guess this is something that cannot be filled without love
but that fucking word is making me sick

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 10.04.2009 03:22

I feel so sad when I see how much you have done to me
All those things
for me

I can picture you alone thinking of me,
hoping the best in my life

I know that we don't say it so often
but I love you

I really appriciate all that unconditional love you have given
that caring
I know I can always trust you
You will stand behind me when I need, and even when I don't

I hate how I'm sometimes so careless that I forgat to show
that you are not alone
I'm afraid if you feel sad, left-alone, scared

Thank you. For being in my life!