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Rather, it's just a state of affairs you keep observing. Whichever way our consciousness works, the cosmos must by necessity contain everything needed for it to exist.

We note that there exists a limitation we might call qualia or simply put - private experience. This limitation appears to prevent us from knowing what, if anything, it feels like to be someone or something else.

This resembles a phenomenon of complementarity in quantum mechanics which in its simplest form is a limitation on the information any single observer can possess about certain pairs of observables such as position and momentum. We may remain agnostic about whether these variables even have a simultaneous fundamental existence, and instead simply note that even if they do, the nature of our existence prevents us from ever gaining such knowledge.

If there in fact is nothing more to existence than existence itself then there can be no reason for it. Asking for such a reason isn't even coherent, reasons are only correlations in "the set of all existence". In the spirit of Gödel's incompleteness theorems, it remains forever impossible to prove such to be the case, but it may never the less be true.

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