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SchoolMaanantai 03.12.2007 16:06

Oh my god. I wanna kill, kill, kill everyone I fucking know. Hmm that was nice to get out.
Damn I get so fucking messed up when I'm at school. Damn it it's like "Minnie, oh nobody cares if she lives or dies!" Hahaha. You are all so fucking amusing. Do you actually think you can break me? Cause if you didn't know, you do. Every time. So common make a game out of breaking me down and then fixing me back up. Every time I fall to pieces. Every single time. That's when I loose a part of myself that noone will ever be able to get back. And so I'm broken. I stand there before you. BROKEN!
What good does this message do? Really? You wouldn't care even if you read it!

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